Archive of Geography in The News quizzes

Helicopter attack kills refugees from Somalia

Chicken dinners celebrate removal of South Korean president

Sweden will reinstate military draft

Hungary drops its bid for Olympics

Malaysia hunts North Koreans in assassination

War-torn Yemen facing famine

Trump’s 'worst call' with Australia’s leader

Chile's worst wildfire outbreak destroys forests, farms and towns

Former Gambian president goes into exile

Czechs ready for fake news ahead of elections

Seeking cash, Zimbabwe sells 35 elephants to China

UN vote calls on Israel to halt settlements

Trump mocks CIA report on Russia’s role in election

Netherlands and Belgium trade land

Bolivia schools close early as drought empties reservoirs

Bhutan journalist faces jail for sharing Facebook post

India bans some currency to catch tax cheats

Quebec police spied on reporters

Pirates gain but fail to take over in Iceland

Mars lander crashes on planet surface

21 abducted schoolgirls freed in Nigeria

Tourist jailed for unplugging religious music in Myanmar

Investigation blames Russian missile for air crash in Ukraine

Bomb threat empties schools across Canada’s Prince Edward Island

Philippines president accused of hiring hit men