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Common Core State Standard
LS.CCS.4/5/6 Grades 3-12: Students are asked to determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words through multiple choice vocabulary quizzes. Quizzes are designed to help students demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships and nuances in words, acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words, and gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phase important to comprehension or expression. Students are then asked to find the words within the newspaper and copy the sentence for context to it's overall meaning or function in a sentence.
This Week's Word In The News 


Pretended; sham; counterfeit.

One Twitter user said, ‘‘After the terrible events #lastnightinSweden, IKEA have sold out of this’’ and posted a mock Ikea instruction manual on how to build a ‘‘Border Wall.’’
The Boston Globe, 02/20/2017

Words in the News Quiz
5 Middle School Words

Click on the correct answer in the quiz below.
Then see if you can find the word in your newspaper -- the print edition, the website or the digital edition and copy the sentence for context. NOTE: High School words are much harder to find!

1. Hologram

A characteristic rate or rhythm of activity; a pace

A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.

The pattern produced on a photosensitive medium that has been exposed by holography and then photographically developed.

The drawing of a conclusion by reasoning; the act of deducing.

2. Outrageous

The act of resting or the state of being at rest.

Grossly offensive to decency or morality.

The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity.

Being without or almost without hope

3. Fallacy

Being without or almost without hope

One that is inconvenient, annoying, or vexatious; a bother.

To take in by elaborate methods of deceit

Incorrectness of reasoning or belief

4. Yacht

Having or demonstrating enthusiasm

In a deplorable state of distress or misfortune; miserable.

Any of various relatively small sailing or motor-driven vessels used for pleasure cruises or racing.

Any of various nonplacental mammals, including kangaroos, opossums, bandicoots, and wombats, found principally in Australia and the Americas.

5. Strategy

An alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality.

A closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments.

Relating to a system of writing, such as that of ancient Egypt, in which pictorial symbols are used to represent meaning or sounds or a combination of meaning and sound.

The science and art of using all the forces of a nation to execute approved plans as effectively as possible during peace or war.

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