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Answer FIVE Geography questions each week based on major news events.

This Weeks's lesson:
Colombia Halts Aerial Spraying of Crops Used to Make Cocaine

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This Weeks's lesson:

Expect a cooler and wetter summer because of the 'El Nino' weather pattern

An occasional world weather situation is back for the first time in five years: The El Nino phenomenon will bring climate extremes this year to our country and others, forecasters say. The U.S. Climate Prediction Center has issued an advisory fo...

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This Weeks's lesson:

How to tell a tale of Texas politics

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The Cartoons for the Classroom Caption Contest will return with the September 14 lesson!

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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This week's word in the news: CARCINOGEN


Any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer.

The gases and vapors can include benzene, a carcinogen, as well as hydrocarbons like ethane, propane and butane.
The Denver Post -- 05/18/2015

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New materials from Miami University’s Fighting With Food project focuses on the process of inquiry and helps teachers engage their students in the topic of toxicants and the role nutrient dense foods in helping to combat their effects with a new graphic story style format.

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A boat filled with around 380 men, women and children was found off the coast of Thailand. Those on board say the ship's traffickers and captain escaped, leaving without rice or water. No country is willing to take in the thousands of people, fleeing persecution and poverty, who are thought to be adrift in seas in Southeast Asia.

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Be a Butterfly Hero
Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

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This Weeks's lesson:
Storks - Homing

Pairs of white storks amaze Hungarians by returning year after year to nest in the exact same spot.

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-- May 22, 2015

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