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This Weeks's lesson:
Philippines considers law to give Muslims autonomy

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Answer FIVE Geography questions each week based on major news events.
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This Weeks's lesson:

Videogame ‘athletes:’ Are you college scholarship material?

Varsity video gaming? Don’t laugh. Robert Morris University in Chicago has recruited about 30 online sports players this fall with half-tuition scholarships totaling more than $500,000. So even if you don’t have strength, speed or skill for an ...

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This Weeks's lesson:

How safe are our secrets from hackers?

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Draw your own conclusions

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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This week's word in the news: TRANSPARENCY

Characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices

Cigna, the health insurance company, offers an Internet-based transparency tool that shows plan members price information on the 200 most common procedures, which make up about 70 percent of the company’s medical claims, said Mark Slitt, a spokesman.
The Miami Herald -- 09/15/2014

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Who doesn’t like to eat?

Turn the fun of food into a great science experience to start off the school year using a new science content reading Is there a gene for liking broccoli? and an accompanying activity Taste this!

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The once common monarch butterfly finds itself in a fight for survival after its population has plummeted 90 percent since 1995. Some blame the decline on the widespread use of herbicides in farming for destroying milkweed plants essential for the species survival.

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The National Wildlife Federation lesson plans are designed to introduce students to life science, ecology, wildlife biology, scientific identification and observation. All lesson plans are aligned to the National Science Education Standards and organized by grade level.

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This Weeks's lesson:
Sustainable Chemistry - Electric Sandwich

The technology behind your computer screen is, in effect, a layered electronic "sandwich".

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-- Sep 16, 2014

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