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Our amazing state turns 100 today, February 14, 2012! and we want to celebrate what makes Arizona unique and unforgettable: You. Arizona Storytellers features Arizonans telling stories in their own voices, with their own photographs and videos. Unexpected joy. Heartbreaking journeys. Thrilling moments. Laugh-until-you cry memories. We want to hear your stories. And we want to help you tell them.

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Theodore Roosevelt Dam put Phoenix on the map and marked the beginning of an era of big Western water projects.
Roosevelt Dam key to Phoenix-area growth Arizona challenge: Finding water for the next 100 years Wedged between the walls of a box canyon near the confluence of the Salt River and Tonto Creek, the dam gave early pioneers water and electricity and tamed the volatile floods that had made the river a great asset and a source of fear.

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In a yearlong series of stories, The Republic, and 12 News examines the welfare of Arizona's children, highlighting the state's many families in crisis.

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Arizona's American Indians
Arizona is home to 21 federally-recognized American Indian tribes, and nearly 300,000 member live in the state, as their ancestors have for hundreds of years. Each tribe has its own rich history, distinct language and cherished ceremonies. Modern times have jeopardized some of them, yet many members of Arizona's tribes work tirelessly to maintain their connection to the past. It's those rituals that continue to enhance Arizona's rich culture.

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This report includes news, entertainment, travel and business stories about Arizona history; a timeline of Arizona's early years; top 10 lists; a "did you know?" section; slideshows of people, places and things that define Arizona; and Arizona Storytellers - featuring Arizonans telling stories in their own voices.

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