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Thank you for subscribing to The Arizona Republic and participating in our Media In Education program.

School or district office subscriptions:

To set up a single copy subscription (fewer than 10 copies for the district office, school principal or media center):
Jacque Smith, 602-444-8615; or Lisa Boswell, 602-444-4282

School office/media center delivery concerns and account changes:
Customer service, 602-444-1000

Classroom subscriptions:

For information about no-cost classroom subscriptions (10 or more copies) to the Sunday newspaper; and school-paid weekday subscriptions:
Katrina Morales, 602-444-4686

Sunday and school-paid weekday subscription delivery concerns and account changes:
Katrina Morales, 602-444-4686

For questions about Verification Forms:
Katrina Morales, 602-444-4686

School or classroom visit by reporter or photographer:

Send an email to Kim Meader at, outlining your request. Speakers are not always available, but she will make every effort to assist you.

Media In Education:

For information about the MIE website, the eEdition, classroom resources, serial stories, technology grants, Vacation Donation and sponsorship opportunities:
Lorie Stringer, 602-444-8202,