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Library of Congress

The library of libraries. Includes online exhibits, historical information and much more.

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Webster's Dictionary

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This online version is an amazing resource for students stuck on a term.

Bartlett's Quotations

Famous passages are hyperlinked here by name. Type in a search term and let the web site do the work for you.

Character Education Partnership

This non-profit group provides information on the character education elements sweeping the nation.

Library Spot

Find the best libraries, newspapers, encyclopedias, maps and more all in one spot.

Grammar Expert

The grammar lady is an expert on proper use of the English language. Her site includes grammar tips and information about her grammar hotline.

Word Central

Find a rhyming dictionary, today's buzzword, a place to write your own poetry, word games and more.

National Scholastic Press Association

Discover resources to help improve your high school yearbook, newspaper, magazine, broadcast program or online publication.

Complete Reference Desk

"The single best source for fact on the Net."
More information than you could ever imagine - all in one place!