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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Media In Education?

Media In Education, a program at The Arizona Republic and, supports teachers and provides learning opportunities for students of all ages in an effort to create lifelong readers, informed consumers and involved citizens. We promote literacy, technology and educational excellence by providing school newspapers, teacher resources and funding for classroom technology.

What is Vacation Donation?

Home delivery subscribers may donate credit for their stopped newspapers when they go on vacation. MIE thanks our many subscribers who support Arizona students and teachers through Vacation Donation. These donations help Media In Education provide school newspapers, teacher resources and funding for classroom technology. Vacation Donation contributions directly benefit our state's young learners.

Newspapers for district office, principal's office or media center

How do I set up an Arizona Republic newspaper subscription for the district office, school principal or media center?

Single copy subscriptions (fewer than ten copies for the district office, school principal or media center) are placed through the Republic's finance department, which also handles billing.

Contact: Jacque Smith, 602-444-8615. If she cannot be reached, contact Lisa Boswell, 602-444-4282. Or fax P.O. (include vacation stops) to Jacque @ 602-444-8970.

For account information and delivery concerns for these subscriptions, contact customer service, 602-444-1000.

How do I change or cancel the principal's (district office, media center, etc.) subscription, and how do I report delivery concerns?

Contact customer service, 602-444-1000.

Classroom newspapers

Can I get no-cost classroom sets of The Arizona Republic for use with my students?

Classroom sets of the Sunday print newspaper, which are delivered on the following Tuesday (or Wednesday in some cases), are fully-sponsored for teachers at schools within Arizona Republic delivery areas while funding remains available. If funding becomes unavailable, teachers will be placed on a waiting list.

Where is school newspaper delivery available?

Maricopa County, including Wickenburg; and the Casa Grande area.

How do I order Sunday newspapers for my classroom?

To request no-cost classroom newspapers, please visit the Media In Education site at Click on "Ordering" at top of page and follow prompts to order online.

How does the MIE Sunday subscription program work?

Teachers subscribe online, and classroom sets of fully-sponsored (no cost to teachers) Sunday newspapers are delivered to schools on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Are classroom newspapers free?

Sunday print newspapers and daily electronic newspapers are fully sponsored.

How can I order classroom sets of weekday newspapers?

Teachers may subscribe at no charge to the eEdition, a digital replica of the daily newspaper, which readers access online. To order school-paid weekday papers, go to, click on "Ordering" at top of page, scroll down to the school-paid order form and follow prompts for placing your order.

How do I change or cancel my classroom subscription to Sunday newspapers?

Contact Katrina Morales, 602-444-4686 or

How do I change or cancel my school-paid weekday classroom subscription?

Contact Katrina Morales, 602-444-4686 or

I only need one or two Sunday newspapers for my classroom; why do I have to order a minimum of 20 through the MIE program?

The MIE department is set up to handle classroom subscriptions only, for use by teachers in an educational setting with their students. These newspapers are provided in part through subscriber and local business donations. MIE must then provide documentation to outside auditors indicating that these newspapers were, in fact, used in a classroom setting.

I need more than 20 papers for my classroom.

Due to the increasing number of requests for classroom newspapers, teachers may be limited to 20 copies per classroom. If teacher requests decrease and/or funding increases, every effort will be made to fulfill your request for additional copies.

I am a teacher and use my home-delivered newspaper with my students. Can I get the education rate for my home subscription?

Home-delivery subscriptions are not handled through MIE, and we are not able to provide an education rate for home delivery.

Verification forms

I received a Verification Form from MIE. I just signed one of these; why did I receive another one?

MIE must send Verification Forms to teachers each semester. You will receive a Verification Form for each subscription you have during each semester. Because we must demonstrate to outside auditors that sponsored newspapers actually reach children and learning adults, we require teachers to sign and return the Verification Form. We apologize for this inconvenience, but without collecting this verification from teachers, MIE will be unable to provide no-cost newspapers to schools.

I just received a Verification Form that says I owe money. Please cancel my subscription; I do not want to pay for newspapers.

The Verification Form is not a bill; we are asking only that you sign the form and return it, which verifies for us that you ordered, received, and used sponsored newspapers in an educational setting. This is a requirement for all MIE subscribers. Sometimes a dollar amount is provided only to show the value of your newspapers, which is what sponsors help provide.

Serial stories

I missed a serial story chapter; can you send me a copy?

We do not have back issues available; we recommend that you use your home-delivered copy, or purchase a single copy of that day's issue. Serial story chapters also are available through an eEdition subscription. Chapters are located within the drop-down box at top of the eEdition.

Where can I get a teacher's guide for the serial story?

Visit, where you can print out a teacher guide.

Is there a new serial story every semester?

Serial stories run each semester that MIE has a sponsor-partner.

Teacher resources

Do you have lessons and classroom materials for student use with newspapers?

Yes, we provide a variety of materials for use with classroom newspapers and online news sources, including a weekly interactive news quiz, Cartoons for the Classroom, Front Page Talking Points and more. Visit to learn more.

How does the Target Date program work?

Target Date is all about compiling and comparing a collection of newspapers published on the same day. Students and teachers can select the date in advance, at random, or it can be one of special significance because of its expected news. Teachers can tie the newspaper comparison to almost any unit or theme. Click here to learn more and to download a list of participating newspapers.

Technology grants

How does the MIE Tech Grant program work?

Each year, MIE provides funding for classroom technology projects that increase student access to web-based learning. Click here for details, eligibility requirements and an online application.

Tours and classroom visits

I want to schedule a tour of The Arizona Republic for my students.

We regret that tours of The Arizona Republic are not available. Tours of the 12 News station are available for groups of 10-20 people, three days per week. Participants must be 10 years old or in the 5th grade or higher. For information, please contact Emily Hopwood at 602-444-1275 or

I would like to have a reporter, editor or photographer visit my classroom.

Send an email to Kim Meader at, outlining your request. Speakers are not always available, but she will make every effort to assist you.

End rolls

I need a newsprint end roll for a classroom project. Do you give or sell those to teachers?

The Republic's end rolls are handled by Champion Recycling. To inquire about availability, please send an email to, or you may call 602-353-9411. End rolls are not always available, so it is important to contact Champion first to be sure they have what you are looking for. The cost is 50 cents per pound, and the end rolls vary in weight. The pick-up address is 2550 W. Coronado Rd. in Phoenix.

Contact MIE

I have questions or concerns about my classroom subscription.

For billing, account information and delivery concerns for Sunday and school-paid weekday classroom sets of newspapers, contact Katrina Morales at 602-444-4686 or

I have questions or concerns about a week-day subscription for the district office, school principal or media center.

For billing and account information for single copy subscriptions (one or two copies for the district office, school principal or media center), contact Jacque Smith, 602-444-8615. If she cannot be reached, contact Lisa Boswell, 602-444-4282. Or fax P.O. (include vacation stops) to Jacque @ 602-444-8970.

For account information and delivery concerns for these subscriptions, contact customer service, 602-444-1000.

I would like to know more about classroom resources, the eEdition, serial stories, technology grants or sponsorship opportunities.

Contact Lorie Stringer at 602-444-8202 or