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Classroom resources using newspapers

from the American Press Institute and the Newseum

Newspapers in Your Life
  • What’s News Where?
  • The First Rough Draft of History
In the Newsroom
  • The Fairness Formula
  • Planning for the Unpredictable
Media Literacy
  • Where News Comes From
  • Evaluating the News

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This free curriculum features six lessons aligned with Common Core State Standards. Lesson plans incorporate existing Newseum resources into activities and student worksheets. They are geared toward middle- and high-school students, but include extension activities for elementary students.

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In a yearlong series of stories, The Republic, and 12 News examines the welfare of Arizona's children, highlighting the state's many families in crisis.

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This report includes news, entertainment, travel and business stories about Arizona history; a timeline of Arizona's early years; top 10 lists; a "did you know?" section; slideshows of people, places and things that define Arizona; and Arizona Storytellers - featuring Arizonans telling stories in their own voices.

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Arizona's American Indians
Arizona is home to 21 federally-recognized American Indian tribes, and nearly 300,000 member live in the state, as their ancestors have for hundreds of years. Each tribe has its own rich history, distinct language and cherished ceremonies. Modern times have jeopardized some of them, yet many members of Arizona's tribes work tirelessly to maintain their connection to the past. It's those rituals that continue to enhance Arizona's rich culture.

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Cartoon Evaluation Worksheet
For use with these lessons or with cartoons from your newspaper

Climate warnings grow more dire

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Theodore Roosevelt Dam put Phoenix on the map and marked the beginning of an era of big Western water projects.
Roosevelt Dam key to Phoenix-area growth Arizona challenge: Finding water for the next 100 years Wedged between the walls of a box canyon near the confluence of the Salt River and Tonto Creek, the dam gave early pioneers water and electricity and tamed the volatile floods that had made the river a great asset and a source of fear.

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NASA's Space Place

A monthly column on the latest space discoveries and technologies for elementary students

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Use the Arizona Republic to spark classroom discussions.
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NASA's Space Place

A monthly column on the latest space discoveries and technologies for elementary students

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Why Isn't The K.C. Shooting Suspect A 'Terrorist?'

Discussion prompts & video archive.

National Wildlife Week
March 17th - 23rd

The following resources and activities from National Wildlife Federation, its Affiliates and Partners are designed for educators to teach about the connections between water and the shared need of people and wildlife for clean water. Learn about wildlife in the U.S. with and fun and informative lessons and activities you can do with your students.

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MIE Special Report

Back by popular demand

Children's book authors share their writing experience to help students learn more about the craft and techniques of creative writing.

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