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Bat Diversity - Climate Change
A belly full of bugs or pregnant? The answer could have an impact on the population levels of Malaysian bats.
-- Jun 29, 2016

Climate Change - Bower Birds
In the cloudforest of Australia, Bowerbirds build elaborate homes for their mates.
-- Jun 28, 2016

Climate Change - Reptile Survey
Leaping lizards! Climate change researchers count reptiles in northeastern Australia.
-- Jun 27, 2016

Tundra - Clipping
Science Diarist Ted Schuur is in Alaska's northern latitudes, using ordinary garden clippers and canning jars to conduct cutting edge climate research.
-- Jun 24, 2016

Tundra - Finding a Sample
Climate change is having a significant impact on Alaska's tundra. And as frozen soils melt, the release of carbon may have a significant impact on our climate.
-- Jun 23, 2016