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Daily Science Webcasts

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Oysters - Acidification
Increasing levels of acidity in our oceans could have a serious impact on the oyster industry.
-- Oct 6, 2015

Oysters - Important Species
They're an important shellfish, both for their environmental and economic value.
-- Oct 5, 2015

Volcano - Climb
Volcanoes may emit low frequency sounds prior to erupting. Scientists are using microphones to monitor these infrasounds.
-- Oct 2, 2015

Plovers - Inlets
In wildlife preserves, when should we allow nature to "take its course" and when should we intervene?
-- Oct 1, 2015

Plovers - Field Work
A team of dedicated researchers is monitoring the behavior of a species that's paradoxically helped by storms and hindered by human activity.
-- Sep 30, 2015