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Daily Science Webcasts

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Narwhals - Dance of a Thousand Whales
Picture yourself sporting an eight foot tusk - and trying to dance.
-- Aug 24, 2016

Narwhals - Tubes
Why would an animal swimming in frigid waters have an 8-foot long sensitive tooth?
-- Aug 23, 2016

Narwhals - Legends
The animal that inspired the Unicorn has enough real life mysteries to keep scientists busy for years to come.
-- Aug 22, 2016

Narwhals - Big Tooth
A fifteen-foot whale with an 8 foot-long tusk? Sounds like a fish story, but it's not!
-- Aug 19, 2016

Manatees - Keeping Safe
The over-pumping of Florida's aquifers may endanger the manatee's future.
-- Aug 18, 2016