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Strokes - Collaterals
After a stroke, a specialized network of blood vessels redirects the flow of blood in the brain.
-- Feb 12, 2016

Strokes - Surviving
Why is it that some patients are able to survive a stroke and others are not?
-- Feb 11, 2016

Owl Inspired - Dynamics of Collaboration
A group of engineers working on a problem together can turn misunderstandings and miscommunications to their advantage.
-- Feb 10, 2016

Owl Inspired - Quieter Blade
Engineers are trying to design a quieter turbine blade inspired by the structure of an owl's wing.
-- Feb 9, 2016

Owl Inspired - Silent Flyers
An owl's wings are designed for stealth flying. But just how the design works is still a bit of a mystery.
-- Feb 8, 2016