Yak’s Corner
A print and online children’s news magazine published on 32 Thursdays from September through May for Michigan kids ages 6-13. Each eight-page issue is filled with educational and entertaining stories about places, people and events in Michigan and around the world. The Yak’s Corner online page also includes “Yaktivities” for each issue, a Yak Art Gallery, student writing and more.
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Ford Freedom Award Program

The Ford Freedom Award Program “The Power of Perseverance” profiles people who have demonstrated the kind of perseverance and tenacity that is at the core of the African American experience and has sustained its greatest leaders. To receive a classroom poster, contact us at dnie@dnps.com.

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Custom eEdition Lessons

Each week we post sets of activities for Grades 2-5, 6-8, and 9-12, specifically designed for use with the eEditions.

Persian Gulf state accused of funding Islamic fighters

Answer FIVE Geography questions each week based on major news events.

Archive of Geography quizzes

Tap the wealth of information in your newspaper as a teaching tool:

Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

Questions based on stories in your Detroit News to spark classroom discussions.

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The Cartoons for the Classroom Caption Contest will return in September!

This week's lesson:

Do 'combat police' create respect or fear?

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This week's word in the news: NOXIOUS

Physically harmful or destructive to living beings

Supporters say a statewide bag ban is needed to wipe out a particularly noxious form of litter that kills marine life in the Pacific Ocean and costs Californians $25 million a year to collect and bury.
The San Jose Mercury-News -- 08/25/2014

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum: Using Print and Digital Newspapers, which is aligned with national learning standards, features a five-subject approach that takes advantage of the wide range of topics covered by newspapers. Topics include financial literacy, nutrition, the environment, character education and information technology. Lessons can be taught individually or as a unit. The guide provides an opportunity to teach critical thinking through subjects that will be vital to students' success as adults.

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Teaching Reading With Your e-Edition

Reading is the skill that will help students all through life. And more and more, reading electronically will be the skill most valuable of all. In 19 themed units written to state and national standards, "Teaching Reading With Your e-Edition" uses current events and pop culture to hold students' attention, while covering everything from reading and comprehension strategies, to critical thinking, to ways to build vocabulary. It offers activities that explore instruction techniques such as Read, Wonder and Learn and SQ3R, shows students how to effectively read for information and demonstrates the value of making predictions, sequencing and examining cause and effect. It covers such essential literacy building blocks as parts of speech, root words, signal words and grammar, but also teaches the value of reading for pleasure.

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Super Skills for eEditions

Over 100 ready-to-use, standards-based activities for building skills in technology, math, science, social studies and language arts.

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Developing Comprehension and Research Skills With the Newspaper


This teacher guide includes 15 lesson plans, each with a classroom activity that helps students develop comprehension and research skills through newspaper content.

Standards for the English Language Arts include:
1. Reading for comprehension
2. Evaluation strategies
3. Communication skills
4. Evaluating data
5. Applying language skills

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A Good Read

Celebrate International Literacy Day on Sept. 8 - and beyond - with "A Good Read." Newly revised and aligned to Common Core State Standards, this curriculum guide is designed to help middle- and high-school teachers incorporate research-based literacy strategies into existing curriculum while using the newspaper.

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Curriculum guides provided by American Press Institute

Citizens Together

"Citizens Together," revised and refreshed according to Common Core State Standards, integrates newspapers into study of the Bill of Rights. This curriculum guide for middle- and high-school students can be used for Constitution Day on Sept. 17, or at other times when teachers focus on the nation's founding documents and their significance today.

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Curriculum guides provided by American Press Institute

First Things First: Using the Newspaper to Teach the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment

Updated to include national learning standards and a uniform lesson-plan structure, this guide features one elementary activity, one middle-school activity and one high-school activity for each "freedom."

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Curriculum guides provided by American Press Institute

NIE Institute Educational Resources

As an NIE subscriber, you can access a wealth of free educational resources available through our membership in the national NIE Institute. All are appropriate for classroom instruction when used with the electronic or print edition of The Detroit News or Detroit Free Press.

Visit our NIE Institute page for these topics:

Character Education
Critical Thinking Skills & Gifted
Diversity & Multicultural Literacy
Elementary & Middle School
ESL & Spanish Bilingual - Black & Hispanic Heritage
Financial Literacy Supplements
First Amendment
General Educational Development
Health, Nutrition, Fitness
Homeland Security, Crime, & Online Safety
Journalism & Press Freedom Language Arts & Literacy
Life Skills
Math, Science, Tech & Environment
Media Literacy
Multi-Curricular & Miscellaneous
Multiple Intelligences
NIE Instructional Calendar
NIE Miscellaneous
Safety & Anti-Drug & Alcohol Awareness
Social Studies, Govt., Civics
Study Skills & College Prep
Women's Studies

Yak's Corner
An 8-page weekly news magazine for ages 6-13 published on Thursdays through May 29.

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Breakfast Serials®
Serialized stories published in Monday e-Editions of The Detroit News through June 9.

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Electronic newspapers
Fully-sponsored access to e-Editions of the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News are available via a username/password set for a classroom or schools can pay for school-wide access via a school's IP address for $100 a year for both publications; $50 for a single publication.

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Print newspapers
Customer paid delivery of Thursday and/or Friday print editions of the Detroit Free Press or The Detroit News available for 25 cents per copy, minimum of 5 copies per delivery day; 75 cents per copy for Sunday delivery.

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Sponsored student supplements

DNIE offers sponsored print student supplements on a variety of topics along with Friday to Friday access to e-Editions of the Detroit Free Press or The Detroit News. In some cases, sponsors will make it possible for schools to receive print delivery of student supplements without the daily newspaper.

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