Think you know football? Ok, what's a prolate spheroid? This 10-part video series focuses on the science behind NFL football.

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Complete Sixth Grade
Sustainability Curriculum

Publix Super Markets, Inc. has joined efforts with FPES (Florida Press Educational Services) to bring this program to sixth grade students. This FREE NIE Program will show your sixth grade students how to become responsible members of the planet, and to respect all of the resources that it has to offer.


Flip Chart for Interactive White Boards
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Teachers Guide

Lesson plans for use with the e-Edition on Interactive White Boards

Included are basic lessons for an Elementary, Middle and Secondary classroom that can be utilized to introduce Language Arts and Social Studies activities.

Middle School Social Studies Lesson Plan
Middle and High School Language Arts Lesson Plan
High School Social Studies Lesson Plan
Elementary Social Studies Lesson Plan
Elementary and Middle School Language Arts Lesson Plan

Daily Science Webcasts

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Underwater Discoveries - Testing
Before heading out to sea, a final test of an instrument designed to reveal some of the mysteries of the deep ocean.
-- Oct 28, 2016

Lobsters - Surf Wars
Lobsters battle it out with their new neighbors.
-- Oct 27, 2016

Lobsters - Motherhood
Imagine carrying your babies around by the thousands while swimming through rough seas.
-- Oct 26, 2016

Lobsters - Courtship
From competition to cohabitation, the love life of lobsters!
-- Oct 25, 2016

Lobsters - Picky Eaters
Lobsters taste their food with their feet!
-- Oct 24, 2016