News Quiz for Apr. 21, 2014

Q: What has the Phoenix Fire Department lost?

A. $85,000 federal grant

B. 8,500 feet of hose

C. 850 master keys

D. 85 jobs
Q: What was a pedestrian doing when he was hit by a car and seriously injured in Scottsdale's entertainment district?

A. Talking on his cellphone

B. Texting on his cellphone

C. Playing a cellphone game

D. Taking a cellphone picture
Q: What is executive chef Frank Caputo doing to help patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear?

A. Adding vitamin supplements to meals

B. Cooking bland meals to avoid upsets

C. Growing vegetables and fruits on site

D. Adding medical marijuana to food
Q: Phoenix is considering an ordinance to try to prevent blight at . . .

A. Parks

B. Golf courses

C. Schools

D. Shopping centers
Q: What has Phoenix water officials concerned?

A. Drought

B. Global warming

C. Population growth

D. All of the above

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