News Quiz for Oct. 20, 2014

Q: Bob Seger (right) last week issued his first studio album since 2006. Name it.

A. Face the Promise

B. Ride Out

C. The Fire Inside

D. Like a Rock
Q: A new documentary shows dramatic upgrades at what Detroit high school?

A. Cody

B. Southwestrern

C. Mumford

D. Pershing
Q: A Detroit event last week previewed a new Thanksgiving Day Parade float representing what local icon for the first time?

A. Vernors Ginger Ale

B. Best Made potato chips

C. Greenfield Village

D. Motown Records
Q: Two politicians suggest that the Detroit Institute of Arts do what?

A. Sell a few artworks

B. Boost the entry fee

C. Reconsider two pay raises

D. Close some galleries
Q: Why is Detroit Lions player Corey Fuller the hero of Sunday's game?

A. Kicked winning field goal

B. Touchdown catch

C. Critical 4th quarter tackle

D. Touchdown run

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