News Quiz for Dec. 15, 2014

Q: The MSU Spartans will play in what New Year's Day football game?

A. Orange Bowl

B. Fiesta Bowl

C. Cotton Bowl

D. Rose Bowl
Q: What vehicle part are manufaturers starting to phase out?

A. Ignition key

B. Sun visor

C. Radio

D. Spare tire
Q: This Redford hobbyist creates incredibly detailed models of historic buildings using what?

A. Styrofoam

B. Balsa wood

C. Sugar cubes

D. LEGO bricks
Q: State House members from both parties unanimously cheered what proposal by a Metro Detroit lawmaker last week?

A. Early holiday recess

B. Marriage proposal

C. Farewell tribute to Detroit emergency manager

D. Sleigh-driving license for Santa
Q: This Detroit News sportswriter was selected for the Baseball Hall of Fame last week. Name him.

A. Lynn Henning

B. John Lowe

C. Tom Gage

D. Ken Rosenthal

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