News Quiz for June 20, 2016

Q: The Detroit Lions will add what at home games this fall, following the lead of most other NFL teams?

A. Pre-game autograph and photo sessions

B. Kiss cam

C. Cheerleaders

D. Souvenir giveaways
Q: What animal named Tundra is moving to the Detroit Zoo from the Indianapolis Zoo next weekend?

A. Polar bear

B. Panda

C. Snow leopard

D. Arctic fox
Q: A three-month-old Dresner Foundation Animal Care Campus allows expanded services to be offered by which of these?

A. Wayne County Animal Control Department

B. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

C. WSU School of Veterinary Medicine

D. Michigan Humane Society
Q: A ribbon-cutting ceremony last week at a state recreation area in Chelsea formally opened what attraction?

A. Go-Kart track

B. Mountain bike trail

C. Hot air balloon launchpad and landing area

D. Motocross loop
Q: Shinola, a Detroit luxury goods company, is making changes after a federal investigation of what?

A. Overtime pay policies

B. Gender bias complaints

C. Marketing slogans

D. Worker safety

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