News Quiz for Aug. 31, 2015

Q: What local celebrity is gathering donations for the Downtown Boxing Gym's youth tutoring program?

A. Justin Verlander

B. Aretha Franklin

C. Eminem

D. Dan Gilbert
Q: An unusual form of exercise was held three times in downtown Detroit this summer. It's called moonlight ______.

A. Yoga

B. Cycling

C. Jogging

D. Rollerblading
Q: What popular clothing chain opened its first Detroit store last week?

A. Lululemon Athletica

B. American Eagle

C. Tommy Hilfiger

D. Carhartt
Q: A new Comerica Park booth lets Tigers fans like this one buy what?

A. Custom-sized shirts and jackets

B. Personal 3-D actrion figures

C. Poster-size photo with a player

D. Personal base-running video
Q: More than 200 sterling Heights resident staged a street protest last weekend against what?

A. Noisy ice cream trucks

B. Motorcycle clubhouse

C. Islamic mosque plan

D. Traffic circle

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