News Quiz for Mar. 27, 2017

Q: Slow Roll group bike ride co-founder Jason Hall of Detroit, right, plans to enjoy what food daily this year?

A. Doughnuts

B. Coney dogs

C. Pizza

D. Burgers
Q: UM football coach Jim Harbaugh makes fun of his sidelines shouting in a new commercial for what?

A. Snickers

B. Planters Peanuts

C. Coca-Cola

D. Pepsi Cola
Q: A Flint man admits bringing what into Michigan illegally in a wacky scam?

A. Untaxed cigarettes

B. Guns

C. Banned fireworks

D. Indiana beverage cans
Q: Bloomfield Hills singer-songwriter Ali McManus, 20, overcame what challenge to pursue a performing career?

A. Medical condition

B. Learning disability

C. Car crash

D. Losing her parents
Q: The University of Michigan played in this past weekend's Elite 8 round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament -- true or false?

A. True

B. False

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