News Quiz for June 29, 2015

Q: Jimmy John's, a submarine sandwich chain, will have its name on what Detroit-area site?

A. Plymouth Ice Arena

B. Utica baseball stadium

C. Detroit velodrome (bike track)

D. Dequindre Cut extension
Q: Shepard Fairey of Los Angeles (right) is accused of what in a new Detroit arrest warrant?

A. Drug dealing

B. Trademark violations

C. Cigarette smuggling

D. Illegal wall stickers
Q: What popular Detroit event now is scheduled for August after nearly being cancelled?

A. Hydroplane boat races

B. Red Bull Air Race

C. Hot air balloon festival

D. Grand Prix car race
Q: This local TV news reporter retired Friday after 37 years at WDIV. Name him.

A. Stephen Clark

B. Devin Scillian

C. Roger Weber

D. Rich Fisher
Q: A Clawson shop, American Flag and Banner, no longer will sell what item?

A. Cuban flag

B. Confederate flag

C. Syrian flag

D. Nazi patches

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