News Quiz for Jan. 16, 2017

Q: What glitzy event drew a dressed-up crowd to Cobo Center last Friday night?

A. NAACP Annual Dinner

B. Mayoral fund-raising ball

C. Auto Show Charity Preview

D. Winter Blast Gala
Q: Half of a national high school championship event comes to Detroit next year for the first time. Teens will show skills in what field?

A. Robotics

B. Gymnastics

C. Classical music

D. Chess
Q: What major company reportedly may move its local offices from Southfield to Detroit?

A. Google

B. Volkswagen

C. Apple

D. Microscoft
Q: A U.S. Senate confirmation hearing for Besty DeVos of Michigan is scheduled Tuesday. Donald Trump nominated her as head of what Cabinet department?

A. Labor

B. Education

C. Transportation

D. Health and Human Services
Q: A new visitors' center at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Gateway in Trenton is named for who?

A. Rick Snyder

B. Jennifer Granholm

C. John Dingell

D. John Engler

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