News Quiz for Apr. 27, 2015

Q: What's the name of a college scholarship program for inner-city African American young men that was featured on Page One last week?

A. Boostrap Boost

B. Real Life 101

C. Up and Out

D. Rise Above
Q: Who benefits from an Eagle Scout project that high school senior Evan Crawford developed in Detroit?

A. Neighborhood firefighters

B. Pet owners at a city park

C. School crossing guards

D. Public school academy pupils
Q: The Wings could win the first-round Stanley Cup playoff series on Monday -- true or false?

A. True

B. False
Q: What famous veteran rock star with Detroit roots came back for a downtown store opening bash recently?

A. Ted Nugent

B. David Bowie

C. Alice Cooper

D. Glen Frey
Q: This woman and 120 other people met casting agents in Detroit last week in hopes of getting on what reality TV show?

A. Shark Tank

B. American Idol

C. The Voice

D. Dancing with the Stars

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