News Quiz for Nov. 24, 2014

Q: What did Detroit Lions player Glover Quin (right) give out last week at a Southwest Detroit event?

A. Team souvenirs

B. Game tickets

C. Restaurant vouchers

D. Winter coats
Q: Detroit eighth-grader Naomi West smiles about winning what last week?

A. Citywide talent contest

B. Parade float design competition

C. Computer coding course scholarship

D. Whole Foods grocery giveaway
Q: What local singer releases two-CD album this week to mark a career milepost?

A. Eminem

B. Cassaundra Fitch

C. Aretha Franklin

D. Bob Seger
Q: What is the goal of protesters who disrupted a UM Board of Regents meeting last week?

A. No tuition increase

B. Fraternity and sorority restrictions

C. More minority student admissions

D. New football coach
Q: Deep snow back home forces the Buffalo Bills to play football in Detroit on Monday night. Who is their opponent?

A. New England Patriots

B. Indianapolis Colts

C. Green Bay Packers

D. New York Jets

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