News Quiz for July 25, 2016

Q: Coach Jim Harbaugh appears where as a promotion for his University of Michigan football team?

A. Movie trailer

B. Rap video

C. Highway billboards

D. TV commercial
Q: Wayne State is building a new School of Business named for a Detroit executive whose family gave $40 million. Name him.

A. Peter Karmanos, Jr.

B. Dan Gilbert

C. Roger Penske

D. Mike Illitch
Q: Toyota Motor North America last week announced a $1.4-million gift to what local attraction?

A. Michigan Science Center

B. Detroit Zoo

C. Detroit Institute of Arts

D. Detroit Historical Museum
Q: Filming of what action movie resumed in downtown Detroit last week and weekend?

A. Underworld: Blood Wars

B. Inferno

C. Transformers 5

D. Assassin's Creed
Q: Starting next month, what's banned everywhere on Michigan State's campus?

A. Beer kegs

B. Tobacco use

C. Drones

D. Selfie sticks

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