News Quiz for May 22, 2017

Q: As he trains for a sports career, 15-year-old Nick Robertson of Northville -- already drafted by a pro team -- "attends" school via online courses. What's his sport?

A. Lacrosse

B. Baseball

C. Hockey

D. Soccer
Q: A new addition to downtown is named the Detroit Foundation. What is it?

A. Free newspaper

B. Hotel

C. Nightclub

D. Charity
Q: University Prep students were welcomed back as national champions last week after what type of competition in Tennessee?

A. Geography

B. Robotics

C. Math

D. Chess
Q: What team introduced a slightly modernized logo last week at a Campus Martius ceremony?

A. Pistons

B. Tigers

C. Red WIngs

D. Lions
Q: Hill Harper, who bought a Detroit home and downtown coffee shop, was introduced by the mayor last week at his Roasting Plant business. What is Harper's main career?

A. Writing

B. Modeling

C. Acting

D. Teaching

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