News Quiz for Mar. 23, 2015

Q: This local landmark, the giant Uniroyal tire on I-94 in Allen Park, will be how many years old next month?

A. 10

B. 25

C. 50

D. 60
Q: This DIA visitor dresses like what famous Mexican artist whose works are on display in a special exhibit?

A. Santa Contreras Barraza

B. Frida Kahlo

C. Esperanza Gama

D. Ester Hernandez
Q: This cast member of a NBC sitcom that just started its second season wears garments from Detroit or Michigan schools. Name the show.

A. Cristela

B. The McCarthys

C. The Goldbergs

D. Undateable
Q: Detroit Councilman George Cushingberry says he won't answer questions from what local reporter?

A. M.L. Elrick of Fox 2

B. Joel Kurth of The News

C. Jim Schaefer of the Free Press

D. Charlie LeDuff of Fox 2
Q: What tech innovation can guests use at a new downtown Detroit hotel called Aloft?

A. Mattress-adjusting software

B. Door-opening smart phone app

C. Robotic "butler"

D. All of the above

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