News Quiz for Jan. 26, 2015

Q: Three University of Michigan fraternities were in the news last week for what reason?

A. Lawn displays

B. Hazing complaints

C. Prank emails

D. Ski resort vandalism
Q: The Tigers lose this star pitcher to the Washington Nationals. Name him.

A. Doug Fister

B. Justin Verlander

C. Max Scherzer

D. David Price
Q: Michigan film director Michael Moore (right) made waves last week with a controversial tweet about what current movie?

A. American Sniper

B. Selma

C. Wild

D. Foxcatcher
Q: A young Wolverine Lake student was on "Good Morning America" last Friday, talking about what product that she created?

A. Belt pouch for earbuds

B. Sugar-free lollipops

C. Single-wheel scooter

D. Clip-on phone carrying case
Q: A local driver is suing Dearborn Heights because of a requirement to remove what after being arrested for a misdemeanor traffic violation?

A. Facial makeup

B. Turban

C. Skullcap

D. Hijab (scarf)

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