News Quiz for Apr. 14, 2014

Q: Why was Deborah Hughes, a retired nurse from Detroit's east side, pictured and written about atop Page One last week?

A. Big lottery jackpot

B. Surprise birthday party at City Hall

C. Heroism to save beating victim

D. Invited to White House
Q: What Metro Detroit-based chain embraces wackiness so much that its website has a "Madness" section?

A. Moosejaw

B. Superfly Kids

C. Zoup!

D. ePrize
Q: Macaroons are a tradition during what Jewish holiday that starts this week?

A. Purim

B. Ros Hashanah

C. Yom Kippur

D. Passover
Q: Sierra Romero (right) is a UM softball star because of her strong . . .

A. Fielding

B. Hitting

C, Pitching

D. All of the above
Q: A Detroit company named Happy Howie's is growing after nearly failing. What does it make?

A. Pizza

B. Cupcakes

C. Pet treats

D. Party supplies

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