News Quiz for Oct. 05, 2015

Q: TV host Nicole Curtis (right) is renovating a Detroit landmark for what show?

A. Home Improvement

B. This Old House

C. Flip or Flop?

D. Rehab Addict
Q: This statue of what controversial former Dearborn mayor was moved to a less prominent spot last week?

A. Jack O'Reilly

B. Robert Ficano

C. Orville Hubbard

D. Orville Redenbacher
Q: What newsworthy item was dug up on a soybean farm southwest of Ann Arbor last week?

A. Prehistoric mammoth

B. Space comet

C. Ancient Native America grave

D. Petrified dinosaur egg
Q: Who is invited to live in a northwest Detroit neighborhood?

A. Syrian immigrants

B. Mexican-American family

C. Halfway house for ex-inmates

D. Squatters
Q: Some Detroiters will keep an extra eye on their neighborhoods during Halloween week in a yearly anti-arson effort called what?

A. Keep Chill

B. Angels' Night

C. Bright Lights Nights

D. Block Watch

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