News Quiz for Sep. 22, 2014

Q: A week-long Detroit Fringe Festival at a downtown site ended Sunday. What did it present?

A. Solo music acts

B. Emerging visual artists and photographers

C. Offbeat stage plays

D. Handmade quilts
Q: This HGTV cable show host and about 160 other guests from around the U.S. came here for a three-day event last week called . . .

A. Detroit Homecoming

B. Visit Detroit

C. Detroit Unspun

D. See the New Detroit
Q: Michigan's fourth-largest public university started work last week on a costly biosciences building as its latest expansion move. Name the school.

A. Michigan State

B. Eastern Michigan

C. Western Michigan

D. Central Michigan
Q: What new Friday night and Saturday night transportation service in the Grosse Pointes began last month?

A. Pedicabs

B. Trolley

C. Horse-drawn wagon

D. Public bicycles
Q: This coach is "squarely in danger" of being fired, News columnist Bob Wojnowski predicts. Who is he?

A. Jim Caldwell

B. Mark Dantonio

C. Brady Hoke

D. Stan Van Gundy

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