News Quiz for July 27, 2015

Q: A 32-acre facility called Mcity opened last week in Ann Arbor as a testing ground for what?

A. Package-delivery drones

B. Yardwork and household robots

C. Driverless vehicles

D. Police and military crowd control devices
Q: Who visited Sweet Potato Sensations cafe in northwest Detroit last week as the news media watched?

A. Eminem

B. Hillary Clinton

C. Madonna

D. Donald Trump
Q: What pioneering service did a Huntington Woods dry cleaner officially start last week?

A. Drone pickup and delivery

B. FedEx service for college students

C. Stuffed toys cleaning

D. Mobile app for pickup and dropoff
Q: President Obama nominated this UM professor, Kathryn Dominguez, for what job?

A. Federal Reserve Board

B. Ambassador

C. Judge

D. NASA administrator
Q: Why was Tom Gage, a longtime News sportswriter, atop the front page last Friday?

A. Saluted by Detroit Tigers

B. Got baseball movie role

C. Honored at Baseball Hall of Fame

D. Hired by Fox Sports Detroit

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