News Quiz for Oct. 27, 2014

Q: What changed for The Detroit News and its staff members this past weekend, although you can't see it here?

A. New owner

B. New building

C. New print edition deadlines

D. All of the above
Q: Christiana Perrault (right) and other singers auditioned last week for roles in what musical?

A. Dreamgirls


C. The Wiz

D. Motown: The Musical
Q: Who's honored by Shinola, a Detroit company, on its latest Great Americans series of limited-edition watches?

A. Henry Ford

B. Chief Pontac

C. Wilbur and Orville Wright

D. Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
Q: Which Michigan's biggest two universities won their annual football arch-rivalry game Saturday?

A. University of Michigan

B. Michigan State University
Q: Where did the Lions barely beat the Falcons by 22-21 Sunday?

A. Atlanta

B. Los Angeles

C. London, UK

D. Detroit

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