News Quiz for Nov. 28, 2016

Q: Betsy DeVos of Grand Rapids is nominated to head what federal department next year?

A. Housing and Urban Development

B. Agriculture

C. Education

D. Health and Human Services
Q: Lourawls Nairn Jr. and Michigan State teammates played two games last week in a tournament where he was born and raised. Name the country.

A. Bahamas

B. Cuba

C. Jamaica

D. Grenada
Q: Aaron Robertson of Redford Township last week won what prestigious award for master's degree studies at Oxford University in Cambridge, England?

A. Rhodes Scholarship

B. Fulbright Scholarship

C. MacArthur Fellowship

D. Presidential Scholar
Q: Who sang a stirring, stretched-out version of the national anthem before a Detroit Lions game at Ford Field on Thanksgiving?

A. Kid Rock

B. Aretha Franklin

C. Stevie Wonder

D. Madonna
Q: Who won Saturday's arch-rivalry football game in Columbus, Ohio?

A. University of Michigan

B. Ohio State University

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