News Quiz for Mar. 02, 2015

Q: Detroit rapper Big Sean (right) last week released his third album. Name it.

A. Recovery

B. Dark Sky Paradise

C. Finally Famous

D. First Kiss
Q: This Detroit native won an Oscar for best supporting movie actor. Name him.

A. Mark Ruffalo

B. Ethan Hawke

C. Edward Norton

D. J.K. Simmons
Q: The Detroit Institute of Arts now bans visitors from using what product in galleries?

A. Camera selfie sticks

B. Chewing gum

C. Shopping bags

D. Sketch pads
Q: Why is a University of Michigan fraternity banned for four years?

A. Hazing new members

B. Loud parties

C. Ski resort damage

D. Alcohol served to minors
Q: Wayne State next month will honor former student Viola Liuzzo (right), who earned national attention in what role?

A. Judge

B. Civil rights worker

C. City council member

D. Singer

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