News Quiz for Aug. 22, 2016

Q: What brought a ‘dragon’ to Detroit?

A. Chinese dance troupe

B. Comic book convention

C. Movie production

D. Viking ship
Q: What can’t you find at the Taubman Sciences Library at the University of Michigan?

A. Books

B. Computers

C. Librarians

D. Students
Q: What has been linked to this year’s Michigan county fairs?

A. Animal abuse

B. Influenza

C. Pork prices

D. Water pollution
Q: Donations from citizens more than doubled the reward for information in the traffic killing of . . .

A. Pedestrian

B. Police officer

C. Swans

D. Toddler
Q: What is showing up on signs at national parks in Michigan?

A. Donation requests

B. Trespass warnings

C. Nature poems

D. Zika warnings

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