News Quiz for May 25, 2015

Q: Mike Babcock, the Red Wings' coach since 2008, last week accepted a job coaching what hockey team?

A. Pittsburgh Penguins

B. Buffalo Sabres

C. Montreal Canadiens

D. Toronto Maple Leafs
Q: What's the name of a three-day techno music festival that drew thousands of visitors to Hart Plaza downtown this past holiday weekend?

A. Ascension

B. Movement

C. Lightning in a Bottle

D. Spring Awakening
Q: UM survived the NCAA regional softball finals to advance to the Women’s College World Series this week --true or false?

A. True

B. False
Q: What species has declined to a low number of animals at Isle Royale, Michigan's only national park?

A. Long-earned owl

B. Moose

C. Trumpeter swan

D. Gray wolf
Q: Which Catholic High School League team won its first girls' softball championship since 2005?

A. Detroit Loyola

B. Divine Child

C. Regina

D. Livonia Ladywood

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