News Quiz for Feb. 20, 2017

Q: Gulliver Prep senior Shannon Kunkel is a star again in what sport after repeated medical treatments for a leg tumor?

A. Soccer

B. Softball

C. Weightlifting

D. Basketball
Q: Miami-Dade officials are working an ordinance to restrict what type of businesses?

A. Pedicabs

B. Short-stay lodging rentals

C. Street food carts and trucks

D. Bicycle rental stands
Q: This 1986 yearbook photo shows R. Alexander Acosta as a Gulliver Prep senior. Now he's President Trump's nominee to lead what Cabinet agency?

A. Labor

B. Interior

C. Justice

D. Housing and Urban Development
Q: Which Miami Dolphins player just signed a two-year contract extension for $19 million?

A. Jay Ajayi

B. Ryan Tannehill

C. Cameron Wake

D. Kenny Stills
Q: A new local website called Spruce lets people donate or sell what after a party, holiday or reception?

A. Balloons

B. Duplicate or uwanted gifts

C. Unused baked goods

D. Flowers

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