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Teachers, give your students the world at their fingertips, at no cost to you!

Winner of 20 Pulitzer Prizes, the Miami Herald Media Company (MHMC) provides the best journalism in South Florida. MHMC's NewsMedia in Education (NIE) program strives to promote literacy through readership, at no cost to participating classroom teachers.

Today's students want immediate news and entertainment in a digitized format using the latest software, and that's what NIE offers, with complete access to the Miami Herald Digital Newspaper and other resources. For Spanish lessons, teachers turn to the award-winning el Nuevo Herald - one of our nation's premier Spanish-language newspapers.

NIE provides subject-specific lesson plans for every grade level that are compatible with the Florida Standards.

Our NewsMedia in Education (NIE) program is entirely funded through subscriber donations and sponsorships from advertisers. Access to the digital newspaper as well as any printed themed sections are freely available to all Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe County school teachers who request it.


Why educators should use the Miami Herald in the classroom.
  • Service to the NIE Website is available 24/7 wherever there is Internet connection!
  • ESOL Friendly
  • Differential Instruction and Learning Styles
  • NIE offers a Higher Order of Thinking (HOT)

Teachers: The 2015 "Clean Up and Green Up" Poster and Video contest has begun! Please click on the link to access the flyer and entry form attached and summary below for more information. We hope we will receive more amazing submittals from your classes this year. Please encourage your students to consider this as an educational exercise as well as a great opportunity to win amazing prizes!

Please note, the deadline for the poster contest has been extended to Friday, February 20, 2015

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Weekly Lessons (updated every Monday)

Use the Miami Herald to spark classroom discussions.
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Answer FIVE Geography questions each week based on major news events.

This Weeks's lesson:
Turkey's tomb raid succeeds

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This Weeks's lesson:

Oceans at risk: Overfishing, other threats endanger a critical resource

A major scientific study has dire warnings about what could happen to the world's oceans if current trends continue. Pollution, industrial-scale fishing and climate change are on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to marine animals and th...

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The National Wildlife Federation lesson plans are designed to introduce students to life science, ecology, wildlife biology, scientific identification and observation. All lesson plans are aligned to the National Science Education Standards and organized by grade level.

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In 2012, Australia began requiring all tobacco packs to no longer have logos, trademarks, pictures or colors. Instead, the packages contain graphic health warnings. Several studies report that Australia's smoking rates have dropped significantly since the packaging changes.

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This Weeks's lesson:
Red Cockaded Woodpeckers - A Sticky Business

A woodpecker has devised a clever strategy to protect its nests from snakes.

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-- Feb 26, 2015

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This week's word in the news: MIRED

Stuck or entangled in a difficult condition or situa
tion, especially for a long period of time.

The number of Michigan children mired in poverty increased 35 percent over six years, to nearly 25 percent.
The Detroit News -- 02/23/2015

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This Weeks's lesson:

Jon Stewart: Fake news, real impact

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Draw your own conclusions

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This new 10-part series continues to explore the physics and math behind the game of golf. Provided by NBC Learn, in partnership with the United States Golf Association and Chevron, students will learn about calculating golfers’ handicaps and golf scoring, the evolution of the golf club and ball, as well as how factors like friction, volume and energy all affect how a golf ball travels.

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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Tap the wealth of information in your newspaper as a teaching tool:

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