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Archive of Geography in The News quizzes

Colombia Halts Aerial Spraying of Crops Used to Make Cocaine

Boy smuggled into Spain from Morocco inside a suitcase

Iowa declares state of emergency over bird flu

Earthquakes kill and injure thousands in Nepal

Hundreds arrested in attacks on immigrants in South Africa

Nordic countries extend military alliance in face of Russian aggression

Terrorist attack kills 148 at university in Kenya

Chile plagued by fires and floods

Gunmen kill tourists in Tunisia

Greece wants World War II reparations from Germany

Lithuania's president says her nation is 'already under attack'

Russian opposition leader shot dead in Moscow

Turkey's tomb raid succeeds

Police kill suspect in 2 terror attacks in Denmark

Venezuela's rulers blame shopkeepers for shortages

U.S. drone strikes continue amid Yemen's sectarian strife

Greece votes against austerity

Saudi Arabia delays second blogger flogging

Terrorists kill 12 at newspaper in France

Despite thaw, tensions remain between U.S. and Cuba

Ebola wipes out Christmas in Sierra Leone

Superbugs Kill India’s Babies

Russia protests over anti-Russian billboards in Montenegro

Nicaragua to start building canal next month

Tiny Luxembourg in the spotlight as a tax haven