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Archive of Geography in The News quizzes

Greece votes against austerity

Saudi Arabia delays second blogger flogging

Terrorists kill 12 at newspaper in France

Despite thaw, tensions remain between U.S. and Cuba

Ebola wipes out Christmas in Sierra Leone

Superbugs Kill India’s Babies

Russia protests over anti-Russian billboards in Montenegro

Nicaragua to start building canal next month

Tiny Luxembourg in the spotlight as a tax haven

Uruguay's president offered $1 million for his old VW Beetle

Hungary drops Internet tax after mass protests

Gunman attacks Canada's Parliament

Serbia walks a tightrope between Russia and Europe

Canberra, Australia, ranked as the world's best place to live

Pakistan polio outbreak hits record high

Pro-democracy protests draw tens of thousands in Hong Kong

U.S troops to help battle Ebola in Liberia

Philippines considers law to give Muslims autonomy

Scotland ready to vote on independence

Miley Cyrus gig banned in Dominican Republic

Persian Gulf state accused of funding Islamic fighters

Sweden celebrates 200 years of peace

Indonesia girl reunited with family 10 years after being swept away in tsunami

Isolated tribe contacts the outside world after attack in Peru

Mexico restricts soft drink TV ads to fight obesity