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Archive of Geography in The News quizzes

Netherlands and Belgium trade land

Bolivia schools close early as drought empties reservoirs

Bhutan journalist faces jail for sharing Facebook post

India bans some currency to catch tax cheats

Quebec police spied on reporters

Pirates gain but fail to take over in Iceland

Mars lander crashes on planet surface

21 abducted schoolgirls freed in Nigeria

Tourist jailed for unplugging religious music in Myanmar

Investigation blames Russian missile for air crash in Ukraine

Bomb threat empties schools across Canada’s Prince Edward Island

Philippines president accused of hiring hit men

Pets abandoned in Venezuela crisis

Ireland does not want $14.5 billion from Apple

Earthquake kills and injures hundreds in Italy

UN admits role in Haiti cholera epidemic

Many Brazilians warm up to the Games despite nation’s woes

US launches airstrikes targeting Islamic State in Libya

Norway might give Finland a mountain

Failed coup stirs fears of strongman president in Turkey

‘Truck of death’ kills scores in France

‘Truck of death’ kills scores in France

Iraq war inquiry blasts politicians

Rebels sign truce with government in Colombia

U.S. says it will stay in Black Sea despite Russian warning