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Archive of Geography in The News quizzes

Egypt sends robot submarine to help plane crash search

Nordic leaders discuss Russian threat with Obama

Wildfire forces 88,000 to flee Alberta city

Kenya burns vast piles of elephant tusks as it seeks ban on trade

Mexico's president proposes relaxing marijuana laws

Inky the octopus makes great escape from New Zealand aquarium

Panama Papers spark international tax and corruption probes

California is first state to approve $15 minimum wage

Terrorist attacks kill dozens in Belgium

U.S. to declassify military records on Argentina’s “Dirty War”

Bulgaria moves toward mandatory voting

Possible debris from missing jetliner washes up in Mozambique

Smart rats sniffing out Cambodia’s vast mine fields

China-U.S. tensions swell up in the South China Sea

NATO sends ships into Aegean Sea in migrant crisis

Police raid elderly bridge players in Thailand

$4 billion taken from Malaysia fund, Swiss say

Mosquito-borne virus spreads from Brazil along with warnings

Liberia Ebola epidemic declared over, ending West African outbreak

North Korea's H-bomb claim doubted

Milan bans traffic as air pollution plagues Italy

Vietnam hopes trade deal will loosen China's grip

India and Pakistan hold high-level talks

Cubans protest new Ecuador visa rule

Record heat could spark intense wildfires in Australia