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How can I receive free curriculum and electronic newspapers for my students?

Following is a special NIE Program for Fall 2015. You must be a certified teacher to order. THERE IS NO COST TO REGISTER. For this program, you will receive access to a new chapter of “Tales of the Ancient World” every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from October 28th through December 7th. In addition, you will have access to e-Paper, our electronic version of The Palm Beach Post, through the duration of the program to complete the activities in the teacher’s guide. Watch your e-mail just prior to the start of this program for your login codes to access the chapters and e-Paper.

Order online by clicking here

At the end of the program you will receive a confirmation of delivery affidavit. In order to continue these programs at NO COST to you, we are required to receive these signed forms back from you.

For more information email Nancy Jones or call 561-820-4648 or 1-800-432-7595 Ext. 4648.

Tales of the Ancient World

Tales of the Ancient World (CLOSED)

This program is available in all counties.
October 28 – December 7, 2015
A new story chapter will be available for access on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (except 11/11 and 11/16)
Electronic newspapers available for access Monday through Friday
Recommended for Upper Elementary and Middle School grades

Cultural literacy combines with engaging fantasy in the classic stories included in Tales of the Ancient World. Taken directly from Greek mythology, students will learn about Arachne, the proud weaver who was changed into a spider, Echo’s hopeless love for the self-absorbed Narcissus, and other cornerstone tales of our culture. Most of the stories are taken from Ovid’s Metamorphosis and emphasize outcomes in which people’s forms change and they are punished or rewarded according to their actions. A teacher’s guide is included.

Order online by clicking here