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Common Core State Standard
L.CCS.1/2/3/4 Grades 6-12: Video of a current news event is presented for discussion to encourage student participation, but also inspire the use of evidence to support logical claims using the main ideas of the video. Students must analyze background information provided about a current event, draw out the main ideas and key details, and review different opinions on the issue. Then, students should present their own claims using facts and analysis for support.


Science unwraps the real King Tut

A two part Discovery Channel special, King Tut Unwrapped, airing this week (Sunday and Monday), sheds new light on the real King Tut and his life. Generations have paid homage to popular culture's image of the Egyptian boy king. But forensic results from over two years of DNA testing and CT scans on his mummy are changing those perceptions.

Class discussion: How do you picture King Tut? What do you think helped form your perceptions? Movies? Written stories?

Additional video resources:

  • Discovery Channel video reports from the special
  • King Tut unwrapped from Heritage Key

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    China Threatens Jail Time For Posting 'Rumors' Online

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    Chinese Government Fires Back at U.S. Hacking Claims

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    Muppet propaganda?

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    U.S. Census: Minority Babies Now Outnumber White Babies

    Space Probe Nears Its Asteroid Target

    Grasshopper tacos get squished by California health department

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    The Teaching Channel: Monster Match

    The Teaching Channel: Engaging the High Achievers

    Teaching Channel tips: Fractions with borrowing

    Memphis looks for volunteers as Mississippi River keeps rising

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    Chinese Government Bans Time Travel in TV Shows and Movies

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    Adding a calorie count next to each item on a restaurant's menu to fight obesity

    OMG, Acronyms Added to Oxford Dictionary

    World's Most Expensive Dog Worth $1.5 million

    Elephants Prove Intelligence Through Teamwork

    We're not sleeping enough

    Meet Thunder Thighs, a New Dinosaur Species

    'Hummingbird' Spy Drone Takes Flight

    Tree Octopus? If it's on the Internet, it must be true, right?

    New York City Bans Smoking in Public Places

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    Scientist Vows to Resurrect Mammoth by 2015

    Free Speech or a Call to Violence?

    House Reading of Constitution is a 'Civics Lesson'

    Nintendo issues warning about its upcoming 3D console

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    Surgeon General: One Cigarette is One Too Many

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

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    New Lizard Species Found at Lunch Buffet

    University offers class on Lady Gaga and fame

    Time Traveler spotted in 1929 Charlie Chaplin Movie?

    Scientists say water on moon could support humans

    AAA says parents need to pay more attention to kids' driving skills

    Study says 92% of U.S. Babies Have Online Presence

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    Internet Addiction in Teens Linked to Depression

    Bedbugs Biting Across the Country

    Is Lady Gaga behind a dangerous trend?

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    Looking for someone to blame for the BP oil spill

    Fighting cancer with fried chicken

    Political cartoons that move

    Scrabble purists a-n-g-r-y over new version of the classic board game

    Study indicates that magnets can paralyze your moral compass

    March Madness Over Graduation Rates

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    Science unwraps the real King Tut

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    Can Fast-Food Diet help you lose weight?

    Can you have too many friends?

    America's multimedia kids

    8-Year-Old Terrorist?

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    A new Disney princess debuts

    Taking sports concussions seriously

    What does Green really mean?

    Unfriend -- Word of the year

    Scams on Facebook

    Sesame Street turns 40

    Moscow bans snow

    Video reporting: Including multiple sources

    Satirists take aim at Obama

    Germ Center tackles sneezing

    Twitter as a journalism tool

    Convergence continues

    Five Freedoms for Constitution Day

    The Beatles: Rock Band debuts Wednesday

    Defining Citizen Journalism

    1994: Developing a newspaper eReader

    Toyota's humanoid robot

    Watch political cartoonist Jack Ohman draw

    Storytelling across platforms

    Texting till it hurts

    Another newspaper goes online only

    Journalism 101: Writing the lead paragraph

    Cartoonist Steve Kelley on cartooning

    Prisoners pay homage to Michael Jackson

    Indoor airplane aerobatics

    Iran erupts over election results

    Online Newspapers -- in 1981!

    All atwitter about Twitter