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Chile plagued by fires and floods

Gunmen kill tourists in Tunisia

Greece wants World War II reparations from Germany

Lithuania's president says her nation is 'already under attack'

Russian opposition leader shot dead in Moscow

Turkey's tomb raid succeeds

Police kill suspect in 2 terror attacks in Denmark

Venezuela's rulers blame shopkeepers for shortages

U.S. drone strikes continue amid Yemen's sectarian strife

Greece votes against austerity

Saudi Arabia delays second blogger flogging

Terrorists kill 12 at newspaper in France

Despite thaw, tensions remain between U.S. and Cuba

Ebola wipes out Christmas in Sierra Leone

Superbugs Kill India’s Babies

Russia protests over anti-Russian billboards in Montenegro

Nicaragua to start building canal next month

Tiny Luxembourg in the spotlight as a tax haven

Uruguay's president offered $1 million for his old VW Beetle

Hungary drops Internet tax after mass protests

Gunman attacks Canada's Parliament

Serbia walks a tightrope between Russia and Europe

Canberra, Australia, ranked as the world's best place to live

Pakistan polio outbreak hits record high

Pro-democracy protests draw tens of thousands in Hong Kong

U.S troops to help battle Ebola in Liberia

Philippines considers law to give Muslims autonomy

Scotland ready to vote on independence

Miley Cyrus gig banned in Dominican Republic

Persian Gulf state accused of funding Islamic fighters

Sweden celebrates 200 years of peace

Indonesia girl reunited with family 10 years after being swept away in tsunami

Isolated tribe contacts the outside world after attack in Peru

Mexico restricts soft drink TV ads to fight obesity

Airliner shot down near Ukraine-Russia border

Deaths rise in Gaza conflict

Costa Rican leader bans 'presidential cult'

Bombing, arrests spark fear in Lebanon

Insurgents seize cities in Iraq

nsurgents seize cities in Iraq

Brazil struggles to World Cup opening

Brazil struggles to World Cup opening

American prisoner of war freed in Afghanistan

American prisoner of war freed in Afghanistan

Military seizes power in Thailand coup

Sudan sentences woman to death over religion

Neighbors clash over control of the South China Sea

Kidnapped Nigerian school girls reportedly sold as brides

Pirates raid oil tanker in the Malacca Strait

Uranium workers dying after working Namibia mine, report warns

Honduras records the world's highest murder rate

Malta selling citizenship to the rich

Guinea bans bat-eating to curb deadly Ebola outbreak

Chinese officials irked by the success of a soap opera from South Korea

hinese officials irked by the success of a soap opera from South Korea

Venezuela torn by anti-government protests

Crimea's parliament votes to join Russia

Migrants storm Spanish enclaves in Morocco

Nepal to deploy security on Mount Everest

Taiwan holds first direct talks with mainland China since 1949

Castaway rescued in Marshall Islands after 13 months adrift

Tropical teams compete in a subtropical Winter Olympics

Russia puts on the costliest Olympics yet

Diabetes expected to plague a third of Mississippi's people by 2030

Iceland's 'whale beer' condemned by conservationists

Argentina hit by killer heatwave

Ukraine is torn over turning east or west

Ukraine is torn over turning east or west

South Africa's Nelson Mandela is dead at 95

Central African Republic is on the verge of genocide

Iran agrees to limit nuclear program

ran agrees to limit nuclear program

Brazil reports big jump in the rate of Amazon deforestation

Thousands feared dead in Philippines storm

Scores of Niger migrants perish in Sahara

Germany upset by reports of U.S. wiretapping

Cat collared while running drugs to Moldova prison

Another migrant boat capsizes off the coast of Italy

Earthquake creates an island in the Arabian Sea

Earthquake creates an island in the Arabian Sea

Commercial ship sails through the Northwest Passage

Terrorists turn Kenya mall into a war zone

Denmark is 'the world's happiest country'

Japan gets Olympics after assurance over radiation leaks

Scientists discover a hidden 'Grand Canyon' in Greenland

Gibraltar hits a reef in relations with Spain

Doctors Without Borders leaves Somalia because of 'extreme attacks'

Yemen 'foils major al-Qaeda plot'

Tunisia torn in clash over role of religion

Speeding train crashes and kills 78 in Spain

Tainted school meals kill at least 23 children in India

50 presumed killed by runaway oil train in Quebec

Military ousts Egypt's embattled Islamist president

Singapore haze hits record high from Indonesia fires

Singapore haze hits record high from Indonesia fires

U.S. to send arms to rebels in Syria

Ethiopia rejects Egyptian demands over Nile dam

Ethiopia rejects Egyptian demands over Nile dam

Ethiopia rejects Egyptian demands over Nile da

Anti-government protests spread in Turkey

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