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For Grades 5-8 , week of June 03, 2024


Last week, former President Donald Trump was determined to be guilty by the in his hush money trial case. Trump spoke out after his conviction, claiming the verdict was uTrump's lawyer expressed shock at how well Trump took the news. Despite his conviction, Trump continues to attack the criminal justice system, as well as criticize President Biden's policies and label his former fixer, who testified against him in the trial, as a "sleazebag." nfair and motivated by politics, suggesting the verdict was rigged and vowing to fight back. While he remains defiant, the conviction has raised questions about his future in politics, especially among undecided voters. Meanwhile, Trump's campaign reported a surge in donations following the verdict. Despite the legal challenges ahead, Trump remains focused on his political ambitions, including debates with Biden and the upcoming Republican National Convention. Read coverage of the guilty verdict and Trump’s subsequent speech from at least three different sources. Then, write a paragraph that describes how the coverage is similar and different depending on the source and draw conclusions about why specific differences might appear.


Vermont has passed a new law that makes fossil fuel companies pay for the damage caused by climate change. This law is the first of its kind in the United States. Governor Phil Scott didn't sign the law but let it become law without his signature, saying he worries about the costs of fighting "Big Oil" in court but agrees something must be done about climate change. Last summer, Vermont faced severe flooding and other extreme weather events. This new law aims to make fossil fuel companies pay for the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The money collected will be used to repair infrastructure, improve buildings for energy efficiency, and more. Similar laws are being considered in other states like Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York. However, the oil and gas industry is concerned about the law and plans to challenge it in court. Vermont lawmakers are confident in the law's legality and believe it's necessary to hold companies responsible for their role in climate change. Consider how this law would affect the state’s government, the people who live there, and the oil companies it targets; write a paragraph for each group, explaining how they would be affected.


At the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's commencement, graduates endured a rainy ceremony until a surprise twist. Rob Hale, a billionaire, announced he'd give each of them $1,000 – half for themselves, half for charity. Initially skeptical, students were amazed when it turned out to be true. Hale, who faced financial ruin years ago, finds joy in giving and hopes to inspire the graduates. Many students, like Tony and Kamryn, chose meaningful causes close to their hearts. UMass Dartmouth, with many first-gen and low-income students, is one of several schools Hale has surprised. His generosity has touched many, showing the power of giving back. If you were to write an article or create a broadcast news segment about this story, write an outline that includes what sources you would interview and what questions you would ask to form the basis of your article.


Last week, North Korea sent balloons filled with trash and manure toward South Korea. The South's military responded by sending teams to clean up the debris. North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, ordered the balloon launch as part of ongoing tensions between the two countries. The North accused South Korean activists of flying anti-North Korean leaflets across the border, prompting the retaliation. Kim's sister mocked South Korea's response, saying North Korea was employing its freedom of expression. The balloon launch came after North Korea's failed satellite launch, which drew criticism from neighboring countries. Kim expressed determination to continue developing space-based reconnaissance capabilities despite the setback. Experts believe North Korea may seek help from Russia to advance its space technology. Write a summary of this story, using research to explain the context of relations between North and South Korea.


Kendall Coyne Schofield made history in women's hockey by scoring a goal that secured Minnesota's victory over Boston in the Professional Women's Hockey League championship. Liz Schepers and Michela Cava also scored for Minnesota, while Nicole Hensley made key saves as the team's goalie. Coyne Schofield's goal was celebrated by her teammates and fans alike, recognizing her contributions to the sport. The championship game was a thrilling conclusion to the league's first season, which saw significant attendance and excitement among fans. Despite some challenges, the league is optimistic about its future and plans to announce team names and logos soon. Try your hand at designing a logo and promotional material for the league that would get people’s attention and get them excited to watch the sport.