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In cooperation with NBC Learn and their partner, Centene Corporation the original video series, “Get Healthy,” explores fundamental ways to lead a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. Narrated by NBC News’ Morgan Radford, the ten-part series demonstrate simple, yet important ways to maintain overall health and highlight vital tips for children to learn how the most important aspects of their well-being - relationships and mental and physical health - all come together to foster a positive living environment. Each video segment aligns to state and national education standards.

Get Healthy: Sugar & Salt

Chances are, you are eating too much salt and sugar. Americans tend to eat much more than is recommended. Just how much more may shock you. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, looks at how much salt and sugar you can eat safely, and what happens to your body when you eat too much of it.

Get Healthy: Skin

Your skin does a lot of work to protect you. Are you doing enough to protect it? NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, takes a look at the amazing work your skin does and the best way to keep it functioning at its best.

Get Healthy: Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is possibly the single most important thing you can do for your health. Do you know what and how much to eat? NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, takes a look at which foods are essential to a growing body and what happens to the food once you eat it.

Get Healthy: Exercise

We've probably all heard that exercise is good for us, but do you know why? NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, takes a look at what exercise really means and what happens to your body and brain when you are moving around.

Get Healthy: Sleep

Sleep is as essential to your well-being as food and air. If you aren't getting enough sleep, horrible things can happen to your brain and body. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, explains why you need sleep, what happens in your brain when you are sleeping and what will happen if you go without sleep.

Get Healthy: Healthy Relationships

An important part of growing up is finding good friends. In fact, having at least one good friend can actually improve your health. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, explains what a healthy friendship looks like and how to avoid a relationship that isn't good for you.

Get Healthy: Hygiene

Hygiene is the practice of cleanliness to prevent disease. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, has tips on how to stay clean, how you can make sure you are clean enough to stay healthy and provide an eye-opening look at some of the germs growing on common household and school items.

Get Healthy: Mental Health

Being healthy means you should take care of your mind as well as your body. Emotions are a normal part of life, but if they become overwhelming and interfere with your life, it's time to take action. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, explains signs that you may need help keeping a healthy mind and how to get the help you need.

Get Healthy: Screens

Spending too much time on your phone, computer or tablet can have negative effects on your health, but scientists have proven screens can trigger a chemical in your brain that makes you want more and more time on your devices. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, explains the addictive cycle of screen time and how and why you should mix it up.

Get Healthy: Hydration

Drinking enough water is essential for your health. NBC Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, demonstrates how much water children should drink, how you can tell if you are drinking enough and what will happen if you get dehydrated.

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