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Austin American-Statesman ePaper

What is the Statesman’s ePaper?
The ePaper is an exact replica of the Austin American-Statesman in electronic form. It differs from in that you can page through the entire newspaper on-line just like the printed version you receive at your door step.

Who can register for access to ePaper through NIE?
Access to the e-edition of the Statesman through the Newspapers In Education program is available to all teachers who intend to use the newspaper access for lesson plans and assignments. After registering, teachers may share the access link and classroom login with their students so they can complete assignments in the classroom, in their school or neighborhood library, or at home. Media Specialists may also order access through NIE if they will be using the access when working with students in the library. Media Specialists should not, however, order on behalf of the teachers at the school. The library resource copy does not fall under NIE guidelines.

What "perks" does ePaper offer?

  • Access to two years of archives
  • Ability to have articles translated into 11 languages
  • Print, e-mail or save articles of interest
  • Search for articles and photos by keyword and ads by keyword or category
  • It's a great way to "Go Green"

How do I share ePaper with my students?

  • Project articles to your class from your computer
  • Allow your students to work individually on computers at school
  • Have your students work on assignments on their home computer or at their local library

How much does ePaper cost?
There is no cost to teachers who want to use ePaper in their classroom.

Who is eligible to receive access to ePaper through Newspapers In Education?
Our program is open to teachers who want to use the electronic edition of the Statesman as a teaching tool in their classroom.

Will I need to order a username and password for each student?
When registering, you will select a username and password that you and your students will share. We recommend you choose one that is simple for you and your students to remember.

How do I change my classroom login codes to access ePaper?
To change your classroom login codes email Nancy Jones at

What is the Verify Access page?
At the end of each semester, we will send you an e-mail letting you know that it is time to verify your classroom access to ePaper for the access you are receiving. It’s a quick and easy process! Also, if the new registration window is open for the next school year you will have the opportunity to pre-register. Your account must always be verified and up to date before you will be able to register for the next year.

How do I sign up?
Sign up for ePaper access with our online order form.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?
You can reach Nancy Jones in the Statesman’s Newspapers In Education Department at 512-912-2572 or e-mail