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Additional Frequently Asked Questions about Newspapers In Education

How do I find out about receiving access to the e-edition for my classroom?
To learn more about receiving access to the e-edition for your students and to register, go to our e-Edition page.

Who may participate in the Statesman's NIE program?
Our program is open to teachers who want to use the electronic edition of the Statesman as a teaching tool in their classroom.

How can we receive print copies of the newspaper at our school?
You may contact Vic Winnall at 512-912-5914 to receive information on the delivery and price of receiving printed copies of the Statesman at your school.

How can I receive Ahora Si at my school?
Ahora Si is a weekly Spanish publication and is delivered on Thursdays. You may order copies of Ahora Si by contacting Vic Winnall at 512-912-5914.