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Additional Frequently Asked Questions about Newspapers In Education

How do I find out about receiving access to the digital edition for my classroom?
To learn more about receiving access to the digital edition for your students and to register, go to our ePaper page.

Who may participate in the Statesman's NIE program?
Our program is open to teachers who want to use the electronic edition of the Statesman as a teaching tool in their classroom.

How can we receive print copies of the newspaper at our school?
You may contact Shari Keys at 404-526-5675 to receive information on the delivery and price of receiving printed copies of the Statesman at your school.

How can I receive Ahora Si at my school?
Ahora Si is a weekly Spanish publication and is delivered on Thursdays. You may order copies of Ahora Si by contacting Shari Keys at 404-526-5675.