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The Boston Globe offers digital subscriptions at no cost to teachers and students through the generosity of Vacation Donation participants, private contributors and corporate sponsors. The News in Education program is part of The Boston Globe Foundation.

Here's what you get with your Boston Globe NIE subscription:

  • The Boston Globe e-paper is an electronic replica of the print newspaper with interactive features. Using The Boston Globe e-paper, students can listen to individual articles or have them translated into 17 languages.
  • BostonGlobe.com is the digital version of The Boston Globe. Students can search for keywords on BostonGlobe.com and save articles to their own personal accounts.
  • Boston Globe Archive contains the full text of Globe articles from 1872 to the present.

To be able to access content required for Boston Globe NIE lessons, you need to have access to BostonGlobe.com and the Boston Globe Archive with a Boston Globe NIE subscription.

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  4. If you have difficulty logging into your new BostonGlobe.com NIE subscription, please email emily.procknal@globe.com.

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