Resources for Teachers and Students

Welcome to the Brainerd Dispatch Newspapers in Education

Newspapers in Education, or NIE for short, is a practical program to bring the Brainerd Dispatch into school classrooms throughout the lakes area.

Benefits of Newspapers in Education:

  • Sharpen thinking skills and improve reading skills
  • Increase student's interest and motivation by providing study materials relevant to their lives
  • Help prepare students for state and national standardized tests
  • Prepare students for active citizenship in their democracy
  • Heighten teachers' interest in new teaching techniques
  • Involve schools in the lives of the communities they serve
  • Encourage long-term readership

Teachers use this valuable resource like an up-to-date textbook to teach a variety of subjects to students in all grade levels.

How Local Teachers Use the Brainerd Dispatch:

  • Early grade levels highlight words they know or words they want to learn
  • Classes of third graders may track the sunrise and sunset and construct word problems for math
  • Middle school and high school students read and relate current events to their studies
  • Teachers who work with special education students or struggling readers offer the Dispatch as additional reading material

The Brainerd Dispatch is available in print or online with the quantity and schedule teachers request at no cost to the schools, thanks to generous donations from business sponsors and subscribers.

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