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We provide Emergency Back-up Services

Why should you consider a backup power system?

Peace of Mind

The system protects your family and possessions by providing worry-free automatic backup power to your home in the event of a utility power failure. The Remote System Status Indicator also warns you of any trouble with the system.


Whether you are home or away, the system automatically supplies power to key circuits during a power outage, eliminating the need for clumsy extension cords required with portable generators.


The system features a reliable, long lasting Briggs & Stratton engine for maximum power for an unbelievably affordable cost.

Continuous Low Cost Fuel Supply

A permanent hook-up to Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provides a safe, continuous, environmentally-friendly fuel source, eliminating the gasoline storage and refueling required with portable generators.

Call the professionals at Bratcher Electric and learn how easy it is to get worry- free, automatic backup power in your home should you experience a power failure. The Remote System Status Indicator also warns you of any troubles with the system, from the safety of your home.

Bratcher Electric Inc. will work with you regarding every aspect of your home generator. But, the fact is, once we do our job there isn't much for you to do. In the event of a power failure, your new generator will simply activate and keep you in the comfortable lifestyle that you're accustomed to.

Bratcher Electric is your one stop source for all generator and electrical contracting needs.

How backup power works

Watch this video from Kohler for an explanation.

Selecting the right size generator

Kohler provides an online calculator to help you determine what size generator you need for your home.

Try the Kohler calculator here

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