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November 15, 2017 : Mini Page Hero: Jimmy Carter

The Mini Page is a syndicated, four-page tabloid written for young children found each Wednesday in The Denver Post. This issue of The Mini Page is available through the eEdition Archive to registered eEdition subscribers

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1. Write the letters P - E - A - C - E down the left side of a piece of paper. Paste newspaper words that describe President Carter next to the appropriate letters. For example, for the “P,” you could paste the word “peanut.”

2. President Carter builds houses with Habitat for Humanity. Draw a picture of a tool belt. Paste newspaper pictures and words for tools President Carter could use in his work on your picture.

3. President Carter was a peanut farmer. In the newspaper, circle as many peanut products as you can find. Be sure to look for grocery ads. How many different products did you find?

4. How were these important in President Carter’s life: (a) Rosalynn Smith, (b) foreign elections, (c) Camp David meeting with Sadat and Begin, and (d) Nobel Prize?

5. Use the Internet to learn more about Habitat for Humanity. See if there are any Habitat projects in your state. How many people have been helped? How many people are involved in the building of the houses? Write a sentence discussing Habitat for Humanity’s work.

Mini Page activities meet many state and national educational standards. Each week we identify standards that relate to The Mini Page content and offer activities that will help your students reach them.

This week's standard:
Students use biographies and stories to understand the individuals who are honored by the nation. (Social Studies: History)

(standards by Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

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