The Hartford Courant's News in Education program provides:

  • practical application for skills and concepts in the school curriculum.
  • information which expands and relevantly updates textbook contents.
  • lessons that align with the Common Core standards for subject and grade level.
  • provides electronic edition newspapers - to schools.
  • offers inquiry-based curriculum materials
  • helps teachers develop newspaper use for student learning in a variety of subjects and grade levels.

Teachers may order a year-long daily classroom subscription. The electronic editions are sponsored and available at NO cost


The newspaper offers something for everyone! It provides:

  • an up-to-date resource that may be effectively integrated into existing curriculums.
  • differentiated and cooperative instructional resources.
  • useful information written at a variety of reading levels.
  • a wide variety of subjects, to meet interests, needs and ability levels of many students.

Q & A

What Is A Classroom Subscription?
Teachers order digital classroom newspapers available for the whole school year, all week long, from August 5 - June 30. These educational electronic editions are sponsored and are NO cost.

What is an NIE special program?
Special programs are. . . Special.
Each special program is aimed at specific grade levels and/or subject areas.

Why should I use the newspaper in my classroom?
We'll let other teachers answer that one! Here's what a few teachers told us:

  • "The newspaper has helped teamwork and research. It connects to everyday life and the curriculum."
  • "Students look forward to a non-textbook lesson."
  • "Good exposure to the happenings in the world. Very motivational."
  • "It has broadened their view of reading - placing the skill in the real world."
  • "Improved class discussion."
  • "Great source for writing prompts."
  • "Different medium and caused students to think and draw new conclusions."

NIE's purpose is to encourage. . . The use of the newspaper as an integral part of the school curriculum.