The Institute for American Indian Studies

For over 40 years, our museum has dedicated itself to the preservation of and education about the complex cultures and deep history of Native peoples in Connecticut and throughout the Americas. Our interdisciplinary school programs are designed with Common Core and Connecticut State Standards in mind to encourage discussions and provide inquiry-based, interactive learning through hands-on activities. Focusing on topics in social studies, language arts, and STEM, these articles will immerse your students in an understanding of diverse Native American cultures past and present!

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  • 11/5/19 - Food for Thought: Native Americans and Thanksgiving
  • 1/6/20 - We’re All in this Together
  • 4/6/20 - We are all related
  • 5/4/20 - Native American Foods
  • 6/2/20 - GAME ON! Life Lessons in Native American Games

The Institute for American Indian Studies