Twain's World GRADES 6-12

Follow the chronology of Mark Twain’s extraordinary life and work! This program allows teachers and students to learn about Twain and his impact on American culture. Each installment will have a brief biographical note coupled with excerpts from Twain’s own commentaries that focus on each period of his life, providing an evocative example of his keen insight into the evolution of our national character.

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  • 10/5/15 - Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy
  • 11/9/15 - Politics and the Connecticut Yankee
  • 12/14/15 - How to tell a story
  • 1/11/16 - The McWilliamses and the Burglar Alarm
  • 2/8/16 - The Personal Legacy of the Civil War
  • 3/11/16 - Switzerland, Cradle of Liberty
  • 4/11/16 - Bombay, Missouri, and Memory
  • 5/9/16 - Corn-Prone Opinions
  • 6/6/16 - A Scrap of Curious History

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