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Teacher Guides and Student Supplements


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In addition to PDFs of supplements, DNIE now offers e-book versions of selected titles. How are e-books different than a pdf? E-books are interactive, which means that:

  • All web URLs and email addresses are clickable
  • All the text is searchable
  • Type enlarges easily with a zoom scale, one-click super zoom or the magnifying glass on the toolbar
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Available e-Book versions:

  • Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato
  • Champions of Justice: African Americans in the Law
  • Diabetes: A Closer Look Student Supplement
  • News Breakers: African American Voices in the Media
  • Quiet Heroes: Agents of Change student supplement eBook
  • TALENT. TENACITY. TEAMWORK. African Americans in Sports

Available downloads

  • Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato Student Supplement
  • Annie's Ghosts: A Journey into a Family Secret, newspaper program guide (password: greatmiread2013 )
  • Bella Bella Teacher's Guide
  • Celebrate the Constitution Teacher's Guide
  • CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE: African Americans in the Law Student Supplement
  • CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE: African Americans in the Law teachers guide
  • Constitution in the News for e-Editions Student Supplement
  • Detroit Tigers Go to Bat for Fair Play Student Supplement
  • Detroit Tigers Strike Out Bullying Teacher's Guide
  • Diabetes: A Closer Look Student Supplement
  • Earth Day, Every Day Teacher's Guide
  • Election 2012: Elementary Edition
  • Election 2012: Secondary Edition
  • Faces of the Future: Hispanics Who Will Influence the World Teachers Guide
  • Future Times Past: The Eagles' Tale - Teacher's Guide
  • Hispanic Roots Hispanic Homelands Student Supplement
  • News Breakers: African American Voices in the Media Teachers Guide
  • Project Money Smart Teacher Guides
  • QUIET HEROES: Agents of Change 2013 Ford Freedom Award student supplement
  • QUIET HEROES: Agents of Change 2013 Ford Freedom Award teacher guide
  • Study Smart Student Supplement
  • TALENT. TENACITY. TEAMWORK. African Americans in Sports Student Supplement
  • TALENT. TENACITY. TEAMWORK. African Americans in Sports Teacher's Guide
  • Teaching Hispanic Heritage with Your e-Edition Teacher's Guide
  • The Constitution: Blueprint for a Nation Student Supplement
  • The Ghost in The Courthouse Statue - Serial Story
  • The Secret Of Smith's Hill Teacher's Guide
  • VOTE 2012: An Election Scrapbook 2012
  • Weatherpalooza student supplement
  • WeatherPalooza's Tornadoes & Hurricanes Poster
  • Weather Palooza Teachers Guide

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum: Using Print and Digital Newspapers, which is aligned with national learning standards, features a five-subject approach that takes advantage of the wide range of topics covered by newspapers. Topics include financial literacy, nutrition, the environment, character education and information technology. Lessons can be taught individually or as a unit. The guide provides an opportunity to teach critical thinking through subjects that will be vital to students' success as adults.

Click here to download

Teaching Reading With Your e-Edition

Reading is the skill that will help students all through life. And more and more, reading electronically will be the skill most valuable of all. In 19 themed units written to state and national standards, "Teaching Reading With Your e-Edition" uses current events and pop culture to hold students' attention, while covering everything from reading and comprehension strategies, to critical thinking, to ways to build vocabulary. It offers activities that explore instruction techniques such as Read, Wonder and Learn and SQ3R, shows students how to effectively read for information and demonstrates the value of making predictions, sequencing and examining cause and effect. It covers such essential literacy building blocks as parts of speech, root words, signal words and grammar, but also teaches the value of reading for pleasure.

Download the teaching guide now

Super Skills for eEditions

Over 100 ready-to-use, standards-based activities for building skills in technology, math, science, social studies and language arts.

Download your activity sheets here:

Elementary School
Middle School
High School

Developing Comprehension and Research Skills With the Newspaper


This teacher guide includes 15 lesson plans, each with a classroom activity that helps students develop comprehension and research skills through newspaper content.

Standards for the English Language Arts include:
1. Reading for comprehension
2. Evaluation strategies
3. Communication skills
4. Evaluating data
5. Applying language skills

Click here to download this guide

NIE Institute Educational Resources

As an NIE subscriber, you can access a wealth of free educational resources available through our membership in the national NIE Institute. All are appropriate for classroom instruction when used with the electronic or print edition of The Detroit News or Detroit Free Press.

Visit our NIE Institute page for these topics:

Character Education
Critical Thinking Skills & Gifted
Diversity & Multicultural Literacy
Elementary & Middle School
ESL & Spanish Bilingual - Black & Hispanic Heritage
Financial Literacy Supplements
First Amendment
General Educational Development
Health, Nutrition, Fitness
Homeland Security, Crime, & Online Safety
Journalism & Press Freedom Language Arts & Literacy
Life Skills
Math, Science, Tech & Environment
Media Literacy
Multi-Curricular & Miscellaneous
Multiple Intelligences
NIE Instructional Calendar
NIE Miscellaneous
Safety & Anti-Drug & Alcohol Awareness
Social Studies, Govt., Civics
Study Skills & College Prep
Women's Studies

Power Pack: Lessons in Civics, Math and Fine Arts

With newspapers, teachers can engage students with contemporary informational texts that not only bring academics to life but also deepen learning by grounding it in real-world experiences. The NIE Week 2011 "Power Pack" curriculum celebrates the power of newspapers to provide fast, flexible ways for teachers to address topics that need support, and focuses on three areas vital to developing well-rounded, successful students and citizens - civics, math and fine arts.

In each subject area, the NIE Week "Power Pack" provides standards-based activities to enhance student learning in elementary school, middle school and high school. In addition to the 32-page teacher guide, there are also two flip-book lessons on fine arts and civics that can be used with interactive whiteboards, computers or other digital technology.

Download the 32-page Teacher's Guide PDF
Download the Civics Flip Book PDF
Download the Civics Flip Book Companion Guide word doc
Download the Fine Arts Flip Book PDF

Newspapers, The Ultimate Informational Text

Provided by the NAA Foundation. National and state standards place a high priority on students being able to read, write and think about informational text. Many state assessments include high percentages of informational text. Standards require students to ask questions, locate information to answers and evaluate sources of information. This guide will help teachers use the newspaper to teach students these standards.

Download this guide

Thoughtful Literacy Using the Newspaper

This cutting edge guide was written by Dr. Darla Shaw. It is based on the work of Drs. Richard Allington and Peter Johnston, leaders of the Center for English Learning and Achievement/University of Albany (CELA) research team that is studying effective classrooms. In examining teacher practice, they've identified a set of core teaching characteristics that tend to foster thoughtful literacy and the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information effectively: Managed choice, Multi-source curriculum, Multi-task learning, & Meaningful classroom discussion.

Download this guide

Writer to Reader

(NAA Foundation) The following components are included in this teaching guide:

  1. How to incorporate activities into a Writer's Workshop program or into traditional programs.
  2. Educational standards related to reading and writing are identified for individual activities in the guide.
  3. Detailed lesson plans and student activity sheets for 10 writing topics.
  4. Mini-Lessons showing teachers how to use newspaper elements as a model for writing instruction.
  5. Writer's Organizer pages provide activity sheets students use to plan, draft and revise their writing. Ideas are offered for using newspapers to generate alternative and authentic writing products.

Download this guide

A Good Read

Celebrate International Literacy Day on Sept. 8 - and beyond - with "A Good Read." Newly revised and aligned to Common Core State Standards, this curriculum guide is designed to help middle- and high-school teachers incorporate research-based literacy strategies into existing curriculum while using the newspaper.

Download curriculum guide

Curriculum guides provided by American Press Institute

Citizens Together

"Citizens Together," revised and refreshed according to Common Core State Standards, integrates newspapers into study of the Bill of Rights. This curriculum guide for middle- and high-school students can be used for Constitution Day on Sept. 17, or at other times when teachers focus on the nation's founding documents and their significance today.

Download curriculum guide

Curriculum guides provided by American Press Institute

First Things First: Using the Newspaper to Teach the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment

Updated to include national learning standards and a uniform lesson-plan structure, this guide features one elementary activity, one middle-school activity and one high-school activity for each "freedom."

Download curriculum guide

Curriculum guides provided by American Press Institute