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Common Core State Standard
LS.CCS.4/5/6 Grades 3-12: Students are asked to determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words through multiple choice vocabulary quizzes. Quizzes are designed to help students demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships and nuances in words, acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words, and gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phase important to comprehension or expression. Students are then asked to find the words within the newspaper and copy the sentence for context to it's overall meaning or function in a sentence.
This Week's Word In The News 


To indulge in conjectural thought.

Asked Sunday morning whether wind speeds could have contributed to the crash, Bradley said he would “not begin to speculate.”
The Las Vegas Review-Journal, 02/12/2018

Words in the News Quiz
5 High School Words

Click on the correct answer in the quiz below.
Then see if you can find the word in your newspaper -- the print edition, the website or the digital edition and copy the sentence for context. NOTE: High School words are much harder to find!

1. Paradigm

A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality

To show servile deference.

Very talkative; garrulous.

Impossible to dispute; unquestionable

2. Euro

Belonging to the period before a war, especially the American Civil War.

The basic unit of currency among participating European Union countries.

Either of two points on the celestial sphere at which the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator.

The act or process of inhaling and exhaling; breathing.

3. Hegemony

To insert or introduce between other elements or parts.

A factor that determines a range of variations; a boundary

The predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others.

Having one’s true identity concealed.

4. Epiphany

Quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight.

A reproductive cell having the haploid number of chromosomes, especially a mature sperm or egg capable of fusing with a gamete of the opposite sex to produce the fertilized egg.

A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

Characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness.

5. Impeach

Vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor.

Lacking social polish; tactless.

To make an accusation against.

The process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source.

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