For Grades 9-12 , week of July 22, 2024


Senator J.D. Vance from Ohio, known for his memoir "Hillbilly Elegy," has been chosen as Donald Trump's running mate for the 2024 presidential election. Vance gained fame from his book, which described the struggles of people in Appalachia and became influential in understanding Trump's support base. Vance, 39, became a U.S. Senator in 2022 and is known for his controversial views. He has stated he would have refused to certify the 2020 election results if he were vice president, opposing U.S. aid for Ukraine, and praised some policies of Hungary's authoritarian leader Viktor Orbán. He has also been active on train safety legislation following a toxic train derailment in Ohio. Vance's early life was difficult, with a troubled family background. He grew up with his grandparents and later joined the Marine Corps. He graduated from Yale Law School and is married to Usha Chilukuri, a prominent lawyer. The couple has three children. Read articles about Vance and his background from at least three different sources. Then, write at least a paragraph that compares how he is presented from different perspectives.


In Louisiana, a new law that requires the Ten Commandments to be displayed in all public school classrooms is on hold until at least November. This delay is due to a lawsuit filed by parents who argue that the law violates the First Amendment, which prohibits the government from establishing a religion or interfering with religious freedom. The lawsuit challenges the law because the plaintiffs believe it promotes religion in public schools, which could be unconstitutional. Supporters of the law say the Ten Commandments are important historical documents and part of the foundation of U.S. law. Under the current agreement, state education officials and local school boards are not allowed to start posting the Ten Commandments or making rules about it until after November 15. The law requires that the Ten Commandments be posted in classrooms by January 1, but how that will be implemented is still being decided. This legal battle follows previous Supreme Court decisions that have ruled against similar laws in the past, finding that such displays often have a religious purpose rather than a secular one. However, the Louisiana law allows schools to accept donations to cover the cost of the displays and also permits other historical documents to be posted. The legal challenge comes after a shift in Louisiana's political landscape with the election of a new Republican governor, who signed the law into effect. Write an opinion article about whether you feel the new Louisiana law would conflict with the First Amendment and the separation of church and state. Use research to back up your assertions.


Bangladesh is experiencing major unrest due to protests over a quota system for government jobs. The government has imposed a nationwide curfew and deployed the military to control the situation after days of violent clashes between protesters, security forces, and pro-government groups. The protests, which began weeks ago, escalated dramatically this week, with reports of numerous deaths. Demonstrators are demanding the removal of a job quota system that reserves up to 30 percent of government jobs for the relatives of war veterans from Bangladesh's 1971 independence war. They argue that the system is unfair and favors those loyal to the ruling party, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The government has banned gatherings in the capital, Dhaka, and restricted internet services, adding to the chaos. Universities have closed, and social media platforms are largely inaccessible due to the disruptions. The protests highlight deep dissatisfaction among young graduates, who struggle to secure government jobs amidst rising inflation and a competitive job market. The ruling Awami League party defends the quota system as a way to honor war veterans, but critics see it as discriminatory. The situation remains tense, with ongoing legal battles and government measures to suppress dissent. Write a summary of this article, using research about the history of Bangladesh to provide context to your story.


Project 2025 is a plan created by the Heritage Foundation to outline a right-wing agenda for a potential future Republican president. It’s a detailed 900-page document developed with input from over 400 people, including Trump administration officials. The plan aims to make the presidency more powerful, allowing the president to replace many government workers with loyalists and have more control over the Department of Justice. The agenda also includes controversial proposals like banning pornography, removing a key abortion drug from the market, and eliminating protections for LGBTQ+ individuals. Former President Trump is trying to distance himself from some of these ideas because he knows they might hurt his chances in the election. If Trump wins and tries to follow this plan, stopping it could be challenging due to the Supreme Court's recent rulings that favor presidential control. However, strong opposition from Democrats in Congress and state governors could slow down or block parts of the agenda. Read summaries of Project 2025 from at least three sources. Then, write an article that summarizes what is included in the proposal and how it would change America’s political and cultural landscape if enacted.


Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law preventing California schools from informing parents if their child wants to use a different name or pronouns. This law aims to protect transgender students' privacy and safety. Previously, conservative-led school boards in California had tried to enforce such notifications, following similar moves in states like Tennessee and North Carolina. Critics, including some parents and conservative leaders, argue that the new law undermines parental rights and plan to challenge it in court. Supporters believe it will protect students from being forced to reveal their identities to unsupportive parents. The legal battle over these policies is expected to continue. Research laws in other countries, like Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina, that this bill is in direct opposition to. Then, write an article that summarizes the state of such laws in the United States right now.