News Quiz for June 26, 2017

Q: This Rochester Hills home, currently for sale, is where what local recording star grew up?

A. Kid Rock

B. Jack White

C. Madonna

D. Bob Seger
Q: Mike Morse and Geoffrey Fieger, who're suing each other in Oakland County, are prominent local ________. (Fill in the blank.)

A. Lawyers

B. Doctors

C. Authors

D. Politicians
Q: What historic site in Detroit's Palmer Park hosted tours and a festival Sunday?

A. One-room school

B. Pioneer store

C. 19th century farmhouse

D. Original log cabin
Q: It still costs nothing to ride Detroit's new QLine streetcars and won't for at least another six weeks -- true or false?

A. True

B. False
Q: Experts met in Ann Arbor last week to discuss a public warning system for what?

A. Earthquakes

B. Huge waves on the Great Lakes

C. Prison escapes

D. Nuclear reactor risks

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