News Quiz for Nov. 20, 2017

Q: A new Troy High career lab prepares students for what profession?

A. Electrician

B. Mechanic

C. Telecommunications technician

D. Computrer programmer
Q: What company pays to display its name on a new Detroit sports dome?

A. Better Made

B. General Motors

C. Shinola

D. Lexus
Q: A six-bedroom Metro Detroit home belonging to what music star sold for $1.9 million?

A. Eminem

B. Jack White

C. Big Sean

D. Kid Rock
Q: Detroit has new pop-up holiday markets at four downtown spots with how many vendors' booths?

A. 20

B. 30

C. 40

D. 50
Q: Matt Shepard, a popular Detroit radio host, returned to the air this week with a show each weekday morning that focuses on what?

A. Ethnic communities and issues

B. Music

C. Sports

D. Public affairs

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