News Quiz for Dec. 11, 2017

Q: After 16 years at WXYZ, this TV news anchor retires earky next year to focus more on his family and making music. Name him.

A. Devin Scillian

B. Steven Clark

C. Huel Perkins

D. Jay Towers
Q: Ford Motor Co. last week described development plans for its campus in what city?

A. Warren

B. Flat Rock

C. Ypsilanti

D. Dearborn
Q: "Double or Nothing," released last week, is this year's second album by what local artist?

A. Big Sean

B. Eminem

C. Kid Rock

D. Detroit Che
Q: Campus Martius next month hosts a yearly outdoor festival with music, a zipline, skating and other winter sports. What is the three-day event called?

A. Chill Thrills

B. Winterlude

C. Winter Blast

D. Woodward Wonderland
Q: An 11-year-old Sterling Heights boy with cancer got what colorful treat outside his home Saturday?

A. Horse-drawn sleigh ride

B. Police convoy salute

C. Adult snowball fight

D. Show by local rappers

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