News Quiz for Oct. 16, 2017

Q: This Detroit figure's "50-year fight for justice" is being honored next week at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Name him.

A. Lou Whitaker

B. Arthur Jefferson

C. Damon Keith

D. Tyree Guyton
Q: The first tenants have moved into a new type of development in Detroit's Cass community. What makes the homes distinctive.

A. All solar-powered

B. Tiny sizes

C. For senior citizens only

D. Made from steel containers
Q: This Detroit Lions player, who dropped two passes in last Sunday's 27-24 loss, says fans "can boo all they want to." Name him.

A. Golden Tate

B. Marvin Jones

C. Darren Fells

D. Eric Ebron
Q: What tech firm is the latest example of prominent suburban offices moving to downtown Detroit?

A. Google

B. Facebook

C. Twitter

D. Amazon
Q: What technology of the future had a five-day test in downtown Detroit last week?

A. Drone deliveries

B. Free wi-fi in parks and plazas

C. Driverless shuttles

D. Robot food deliveries

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