News Quiz for July 24, 2017

Q: A University of Central Florida senior plans to appeal his two-semester suspension for doing what?

A. Tweeting about an ex-girlfriend

B. Hanging a protest banner on the chancellor's gate

C. Running across campus naked

D. Hacking into the student newspaper's site
Q: This executive heads Miss Jessie's, a company that moved to Miami Beach after 20 years in New York City. What does it make?

A. Baked goods

B. Fashions

C. Hair products

D. Candy
Q: South Miami city commissioners last week OK'd a requirement that new homes must include what?

A. Burglar alarms

B. Solar energy roof panels

C. Hurricane shutters

D. Fire sprinklers
Q: Rachel Lindsay recently was back in Miami, her hometown, in her role as a contestant on what reality TV show?

A. The Amazing Race

B. Face Off

C. Top Chef

D. The Bachelorette
Q: Some Coconut Grove residents dislike new homes built in a style they deride with what nickname?

A. White boxes

B. Bigfoot

C. Spaceships

D. Tricked out

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