News Quiz for May 22, 2017

Q: Jamie Katz of Fort Lauderdale tries to solve what type of situations?

A. Scams against elderly

B. Identity theft

C. Missing pets

D. Insurance fraud
Q: Ezekial Hobbs, 18, learned about what surprise in an auditorium event last week at Miami's Booker T. Washington High?

A. Full college scholarship

B. New car

C. White House internship

D. Chosen as senior valedictorian
Q: Rangers recently moved what type of creature from Dry Tortugas National Park to Everglades National Park?

A. Alligator

B. Bald eagle

C. Gopher tortoise

D. Crocodile
Q: A new after-school program in Miami-Dade mixes nutrition tips and playing what sport?

A. Tennis

B. Soccer

C. Baseball

D. Golf
Q: More than 400 Miami-Dade students recently attended a circus-theme prom for what group of high school seniors?

A. Recent immigrants

B. Home-schooed students

C. Teens with autism

D. Former dropouts

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