News Quiz for Jan. 09, 2012

Q: The Polish Art Center (right) is among the Hamtramck sites where a film crew recently shot scenes for what purpose?

A. Music video

B. Chevy Volt TV ad

C. Documentary movie

D. New reality cable show
Q: What suburban mall opened a small shop at Cobo Center this week to serve Detroit Auto Show visitors?

A. Fairlane

B. Lakeside

C. Northland

D. Somerset
Q: What public attraction in Detroit is the latest to shut because there's no money to keep it open?

A. Belle Isle Zoo

B. Detroit Children's Museum

C. Dossin Great Lakes Museum

D. Detroit Historical Museum
Q: Shadia Amen (right) appears on a TV program that was the topic of a panel discussion last week in Washington, D.C. Name it.

A. All-American Muslim

B. Teen Mom

C. Vinsetta Garage

D. Pawn Stars
Q: The New Orleans Saints last weekend ended the Detroit Lions' first playoff run in how many years?

A. Six

B. Ten

C. Twelve

D. Fifteen

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