Troops kill scores of protesters in Libya

Q: A brutal crackdown on protesters last week killed more than 200 people and injured another 900, according to doctors in Benghazi, Libya's second largest city. Where is Libya?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Witnesses said troops used machine-guns, mortars, large-caliber weapons and even a missile against protesters challenging four decades of rule by a . . .

A. King

B. Muslim Imam

C. Colonel

D. President-for-life

Q: A wave of anti-government demonstrations swept across the Arab world after protesters in Tunisia ousted their president who had ruled for 30 years. Where is Tunisia located?

A. On Libya's western border

B. On Libya's eastern border

C. On Libya's southern border

D. In the Persian Gulf

Q: Libya wasn't the only nation where anti-government protesters were killed last week. Troops - mainly foreigners hired by King Hamad - opened fire on the Persian Gulf island of . . .

A. Yemen

B. Bahrain

C. Jordan

D. Dubai

Q: Where DIDN'T people take to the streets last week to protest against their leaders?

A. Iran

B. Jordan

C. Morocco

D. Saudi Arabia

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