Public distrusts call for austerity in Greece

Q: Despite angry protests in the streets, Greek politicians were expected to enact new spending cuts and tax hikes in return for a $171 billion debt bailout deal. Where is Greece?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Demonstrators projected the word "Thieves" across the facade of the Parliament building in Athens. The ancient city is known as the birthplace of . . .

A. Athena

B. Bowling

C. Civilization

D. Democracy

Q: One demonstrator called the Athens protest "our Thermopylae," referring to an ancient battle between Greeks and Persians. What is Persia called today?

A. Iran

B. Iraq

C. Syria

D. Turkey

Q: In addition to voting on austerity measures, Parliament was expected to consider a corruption investigation into a military deal with Greece's World War II foe . . .

A. Russia

B. Britain

C. Germany

D. France

Q: Germany is a leader in the deal to bail out Greece, its fellow member in . . .

A. Eurozone

B. European Union


D. All of the above

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