GOP presidential candidates compete in Iowa

Q: Candidates for the Republican presidential nomination swarmed into Iowa to compete in this week's party caucuses – the first step in this year's presidential race. Where in this map is Iowa?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Caucuses are meetings where party members gather to select delegates to a national nominating convention. Primary elections are another way voters elect delegates pledged to particular candidates. Where will the nation's first primary be held?

A. New York

B. New Hampshire

C. New Mexico

D. New Guinea

Q: The Iowa and New Hampshire votes get much more media attention than other state primaries. What percentage of the nation's population live in Iowa and New Hampshire?

A. Less than 1.5%

B. About 3%

C. Nearly 6%

D. More than 60%

Q: Some complain that early presidential votes can give a state's voters and businesses undue influence over national policies. Which is the biggest sector of Iowa's economy?

A. Agriculture

B. Finance & insurance

C. Horse trading

D. Manufacturing

Q: Convention delegates are elected in caucuses and primaries, while voters actually choose electors in the general election for president. These members of the Electoral College generally vote in state capitals to formally elect the president. What is the capital of Iowa?

A. Dubuque

B. Detroit

C. Des Moines

D. Davenport

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