Most Honduras prison fire victims had not been convicted

Q: Most inmates of an overcrowded Honduran prison where 355 prisoners died in a fire last week had never been charged, let alone convicted, according to an internal government report. Where is Honduras on this map?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The U.S. State Department has criticized the Honduran government for harsh prison conditions, citing severe overcrowding, malnutrition and lack of adequate sanitation. Which nation has the largest percentage of its population in prison?

A. Honduras

B. Russia

C. China

D. United States

Q: Two-thirds of Hondurans live in poverty, but their southeastern neighbors are even poorer. Which nation is on Honduras' southeastern border?

A. Nicaragua

B. Belize

C. Canada

D. Guatemala

Q: A four-day "Soccer War" between Honduras and El Salvador followed World Cup qualifying games and fan rioting in the nations' capitals in 1969. What is the capital of Honduras?

A. Havana

B. Managua

C. Tegucigalpa

D. San Salvador

Q: After living in Honduras at the turn of the last century, American writer O. Henry coined a much-used pejorative term to describe nations operated solely to profit foreign companies and a country's wealthy elite. Which term is it?

A. Socialist utopia

B. Banana republic

C. Mob rule

D. Kleptocracy

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