Earthquakes kill hundreds in Mexico

Q: A series of earthquakes this month has left hundreds of people dead and more homeless in Mexico. Where is Mexico?

Circle the area on this map

Q: A magnitude-8.1 earthquake – the most powerful to hit Mexico in a century - struck off the nation’s southern coast on Sept. 7. Twelve days later, a 7.1-magnitude quake struck about 50 miles from Mexico City. How much stronger is an 8.1-magnitude earthquake than a 7.1-magnitude earthquake?

A. 32% stronger

B. Twice as strong

C. 32 times stronger

D. 1000 times stronger

Q: The 7.1-magnitude earthquake caused much more damage and killed many more people than the earlier and stronger earthquake because the second quake was closer to Mexico City which is the . . .

A. Largest metropolitan area in the Americas

B. Oldest capital city in the Americas

C. Largest Spanish-speaking city in the world

D. All of the above

Q: Mexico City is very vulnerable to earthquake damage because it is built on what?

A. Dry lake bed

B. Extinct volcano

C. Mountain slope

D. Ocean shore

Q: Mexico City also is subject to earthquakes because it sits near the edge of a . . .

A. Continent

B. Tectonic plate

C. Volcano

D. Tsunami zone

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