5-day funeral ends for Thailand’s king

Q: The relics and ashes of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej were enshrined in the royal palace and two temples at the end of an elaborate five-day funeral for a monarch who reigned for seven decades. Where is Thailand?

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Q: The final stage of the funeral marked then end of a year-long mourning period for  King Bhumibol who was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where his father was studying. Criticizing the monarch is a serious crime in the Kingdom of Thailand under what type of law?

A. Blasphemy

B. Divine right

C. Lese-majeste

D. Royal prerogative

Q: Who now wields the most political power in Thailand?

A. King

B. Military

C. Parliament

D. Rebels

Q: The military has run the country much of time since 1932 when it forced then-King Prajadhipok to end centuries of absolute monarchy. At that time the country was known by outsiders as . . .

A. Burma

B. Khmer

C. Laos

D. Siam

Q: Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation to never have been colonized. What European nation once ruled the land west of Thailand?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Portugal

D. Netherlands

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