Zimbabweans celebrate expected Mugabe downfall

Q: Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans flooded the streets Saturday, singing, dancing and hugging soldiers in an outpouring of elation at the expected fall of President Robert Mugabe, their leader of the last 37 years. Where is Zimbabwe?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Zimbabwe’s military leaders said they are "engaging" with Mugabe who has been confined since he was removed from power last week in a sudden takeover know as a …

A. Coup

B. Coup d’etat

C. Putsch

D. All of the above

Q: In the rally backed by the military and Mugabe’s own political party, Zimbabweans in the capital marched to the office of the 93-year-old president to urge him to step down. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

A. Harare

B. Lusaka

C. Maputo

D. Pretoria

Q: Also seized by Rhodes, the area of Northern Rhodesia became what nation on Zimbabwe’s northern border?

A. Botswana

B. Mozambique

C. South Africa

D. Zambia

Q: Mugabe was a leader in the guerrilla war against white minority-rule in the 1960s and 1970s, and he has ruled the nation since its independence in 1980. What nation supported Mugabe’s forces in the war?

A. Britain

B. China

C. Soviet Union

D. United States

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