South African city is running out of water

Q: The South African city of Cape Town has less than 90 days worth of water in its reservoirs, putting it on track to be the first major city in the world to run out of water.  Where is South Africa?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Cape Town expects to shut off its municipal water system to all but essential services like hospitals on April 21. Cape Town gets its name from which cape?

A. Fear

B. Good Hope

C. Horn

D. Verde

Q: With nearly 4 million people in its metropolitan area, Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa. Which is the largest city in South Africa?

A. Bloemfontein 

B. Durban

C. Johannesburg

D. Pretoria

Q: A “once in a  millennium” three-year drought has been blamed in part for Cape Town’s water shortage. Last year, record flooding shut down municipal water supplies in Peru’s capital of . . .

A. Lima

B. Montevideo

C. Quito

D. Santiago

Q: Public officials and political infighting also have been blamed for the water crisis in Cape Town. Public officials were blamed for severe water problems in which U.S. city?

A. Ann Arbor

B. Bay City

C. Detroit

D. Flint

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