Trump execs fight eviction from Panama hotel

Q: The majority owner of a hotel in Panama abruptly ordered Trump employees out of the property last week, triggering a confrontation in which the Trump employees refused to leave and asked police to intervene. Where is Panama?

Circle the area on this map

Q: During the confrontation, the power was briefly turned off at the Trump International Hotel Panama. It is in the nation’s capital . . .

A. Bogota

B. Colon

C. Panama City

D. San Jose

Q: Panama was once part of what nation on its southeastern border?

A. Bolivia

B. Colombia

C. Costa Rica

D. Peru

Q: The United States finished building the Panama Canal in in 1914. What nation first proposed building such a canal?

A. Colombia

B. England

C. France

D. Spain

Q: What is Panama?

A. Isthmus

B. Peninsula

C. Spit

D. Strait

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