Bering Sea ice drops to record low

Q: Winter sea ice cover in the Bering Sea did not just hit a record low in 2018; it was half that of the previous lowest winter on record (2001). Where is the Bering Sea which lies between Alaska and Russia and connects the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean's Chukchi Sea?

Circle the area on this map

Q: A rapid meltdown of Bering Sea ice this year threatened the very way of life in Alaska’s coastal villages — reliant on the ice cover for transportation and hunting. The sea is named after Vitus Bering a . . .

A. British captain

B. Danish navigator

C. Russian explorer

D. U.S. politician

Q: Besides threatening subsistence hunting and fishing, what other effect is caused by the lack of ice on the Bering Sea?

A. Coastal flooding

B. Sea life changes

C. Ocean warming

D. All of the above

Q: The Bering Strait and Bering Land Bridge also were named after the Danish navigator. How was the bridge used?

A. Connect all of Alaska’s islands

B. Connect Alaska to lower states

C. Route for immigrants

D. Russia-Alaska railroad

Q: After Bering’s explorations, what attracted Russians to the Aleutian Islands at the southern end of the Bering Sea?

A. Fish

B. Gold

C. Oil

D. Seals

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