Brazil sends in troops to clear protesting truckers

Q: A truckers protest over diesel prices in Brazil that is stalling supplies of fuel, food and medicines continued last week even after the president ordered the military to clear blocked roads. Where is Brazil?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Major cities declared a state of emergency as gas stations and airports ran out of fuel, supermarket shelves went bare and hospitals said they were running out of supplies. What is the largest city in Brazil?

A. Brasilia

B. Buenos Aires

C. Rio de Janeiro

D. Sao Paulo

Q: The truckers were given a temporary diesel price cut by Brazil’s state-owned oil company. Where is most of Brazil’s oil located?

A. Amazon rain forest

B. Andes Mountains

C. Atlantic Ocean

D. Pacific Ocean

Q: Some protesters covered their trucks with Brazilian flags and banners reading “stop with the thieving or we’ll stop the country.” Brazil is South America’s largest country by area. Which nation is geographically smaller than Brazil?

A. Australia

B. China

C. United States

D. All of the above

Q: The blockades were slowly cleared over the weekend, but the truckers continued to refuse deliveries. Problems caused by the strike led some in Brazil to compare it with what northern neighbor that is facing severe shortages?

A. Argentina

B. Bolivia

C. Paraguay

D. Venezuela

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