Name deal stirs up Greece and ‘North’ Macedonia

Q: The prime ministers of Greece and Macedonia are facing stiff political backlashes over a deal to rename the former Yugoslav republic ‘North Macedonia’ to avoid any confusion with the Greek province of Macedonia. Where are the countries of Greece and Macedonia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Since Macedonia seceded from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, Greece had objected to its use of the name “Macedonia” because it claimed that implied territorial designs on its own northern province of Macedonia. What other nation was part of the former Yugoslavia?

A. Bosnia and Herzegovina

B. Croatia

C. Slovenia

D. All of the above

Q: If ratified, the deal with Greece would allow the newly named North Macedonia to try to join NATO and the European Union. The Greek province and former Yugoslav republic were both part of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon which produced what “Great” ancient leader?

A. Alexander

B. Constantine

C. Cyrus

D. All of the above

Q: The deal to officially rename the country the Republic of North Macedonia sparked nationalist protests in both the Macedonian capital Skopje and the Greek capital . . .

A. Alexandria

B. Athens

C. Sparta

D. Thessaloniki

Q: Most of the people in what would become North Macedonia are members of what ethnic group?

A. German

B. Greek

C. Slav

D. Turk

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